Debate Topics





Red Sea Open, Israel, September 4-7

  • R1: THW ban the payment of ransoms
  • R2: THW force elected politicians and their families to use only public health and education services
  • R3: THW mandate the use of condoms in porn
  • R4: THW prosecute violent fouls in sports as criminal assault
  • R5: Actually, THW rather see one innocent man go to jail than a 100 guilty men walk free
  • R6: THBT natural resources should belong to the world and not to any individual country
  • Semis: THBT a universal minimum standard of education is a prerequisite for democracy
  • Finals: THBT consent is not a source of moral legitimacy

World Russian Language BP Championships, Kyrgyzystan, September 17-20 

EU-China Youth Debate Tournament, Beijing, September 23-28

  • R1: THBT EU membership should not be determined on the basis of geographic criteria
  • R2: THBT media company owners have the right to influence the nature of news
  • R3: THBT China should abolish the “Gaokao” in favour of allowing universities to establish their own (admission) criteria
  • R4: THBT during riots it is legitimate for governments to deny access to social networks
  • QF: THBT a Chinese Marshall Plan should be initiated to save the Euro
  • SF: THW demand international corporations operating in China to uphold the same environmental standards required in their home country
  • F: THBT Mandarin should be taught as the primary second language in all EU schools


Dutch Pro-Am Tournament, AUC Amsterdam, October 1

  • 1. THW make parents pass a test before having children
  • 2. THW halt all development aid to countries that punish homosexuality
  • 3. THW allow the police full and unrestricted access to Facebook and other social media
  • 4. THW ban corporate sponsorship of academic research
  • FINAL. THW allow convicted criminals the choice between their sentence and the same number of years of weekly corporal punishment

Kiev Open, Ukraine, October 1-2

(theme of peace and non-violence)

  • R1 THBT there should be no limit on self-defence against violent crimes
  • R2 THW ban parades and demonstrations that could incite a violent response
  • R3 THBT the UN should offer large bounties for the capture of pirates and the destruction of pirate ships
  • R4 THW ban all religions from actively seeking conversions
  • R5 THBT America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military aid to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace deal
  • Semi THW ban political parties that propagate racism and xenophobia
  • Final THBT even in an oppressive state, citizens should not turn to violence as a means of opposition

Edinburgh Cup, Scotland, October 8-9

  • R1 THW ban nuclear energy
  • R2 THW abolish the British Monarchy
  • R3 THB the UN should immediately recognise and independent state of Palestine
  • R4 THW cease all austerity measures in favour of a massive increase in government spending
  • Final:

Masters, the Netherlands, October 15 (translated)

  • R1: THW give Parliament the right to determine the moment a monarch steps down
  • R2: THW deny Greece the Euro (or: THW kick Greece out of the Eurozone)
  • R2: THW remove the right to religious freedom from the constitution
  • Final: THW help countries with the death penalty to implement it humanely

UCL President’s Cup, England, October 15 

SOAS IV, England, October 22-23

  • R1 THW give harsher punishments to those who commit crimes during riots
  • R2 THW have minimum quotas for different ethnic groups living in public housing estates
  • R3 THBT serving military generals should be prohibited from talking to the Media
  • R4 THBT the Indian Government Should Ban marriage between Members of the Same Caste
  • R5 THW create a free market for the sale of babies
  • Quarter THBT Mexico Should Legalise the Sale, Production and Transit of all Drugs
  • ESL semi THW allow constituents to recall their elected representatives
  • Semi THW end all subsidies for small farms
  • ESL final THBT the countries of former Yugoslavia should create a common history curriculum and textbooks
  • Final TH regrets the extra judicial killing of Colonel Gaddafi

Irish Times Debates First Round

(30th October – November 12)

  • Heat 1 “THW cut all foreign aid in times of recession”
  • Heat 2 “TH is Disgusted by ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and other Child Beauty Pagants”
  • Heat 3 “THB  it’s High Time the Monarchy was Abolished”
  • Heat 4 “THB Manchester City and Teams of their Ilk are Ruining Football”
  • Heat 5 “THW give Extra Leaving Cert Points for Extra Curricular Activities”
  • Heat 6 “THW use Military Force to Remove Kim Jong Il from Power Immediately”
  • Heat 7 “THB that Barack Obama’s Presidency has been a Success”
  • Heat 8 “THW Abolish the Minimum Wage”
  • Heat 9 “THB it’s Abhorrent for Western Countries to Employ Doctors from the Third World”
  • Heat 10 “THW Introduce Mandatory Paternity Leave”
  • Heat 11 “THB Norris was/is the Right Choice for President of Ireland”
  • Heat 12 “THB Wireless Internet Access Should be a Right not a Privilege”
  • Heat 13 “THW Force People to take a Mandatory Civics Test before Voting in National Elections/Referendas”
  • Heat 14 “THB the IOC Should Ban Drug Cheats for Life”
  • Heat 15  “TH Regrets the Demise of the Green Party”
  • Heat 16  “THW Remove all Catholic Control of Public Education by the End of the School Year”

UCD Novice Cup, Ireland, October 27 

UCD VP, Ireland, October 28-29

  • R1 THW outsource the capture of elusive criminals to bounty-hunters.
  • R2 THBT Ireland should create constituencies, elected by people who emigrate from Ireland
  • R3 THW grant aboriginal peoples copyrights over depictions of their culture.
  • R4 THW allow the families of dead people to sue for libel on their behalf
  • R5 THBT it is legitimate for politicians to lie to the electorate about their real views.
  • Semi : THW grant minors the right to euthanasia regardless of parental consent.
  • Final: Regardless of the relative efficiency of various economic systems, THBT meritocracy is a just way of allocating resources.

NAMDA Novice, England, October 29

  • R1: THW Only Imprison Criminals Who Threaten the Safety of Citizens.
  • R2: THW End Fiscal Austerity and Increase Government Security on Education, Health and Infrastructure.
  • R3: THBT Israel was Right to Negotiate the Release of Gilad Shilat.
  • R4: THW Ban the Production and Consumption of Meat.
  • R5: THW Allow Doctors to Lie to Patients in Order to Use the Placebo Effect (not sure of wording)
  • Final: THW Ban Porn

Bath IV, England, October 29 

Imperial College Open, England, October 29

  • R1: THBT the media should not report the declared motivations of protesters who use violence
  • R2: THBT emerging democracies should limit their presidents to a single term in office
  • R3: THW not contact, trade or otherwise engaging with uncontacted Yanomami communities in the Amazon forest
  • R4: THW disband the BBC
  • Final: The House does not regret the invasion of Iraq.


UCU Open, the Netherlands, November 4-5

  • R1 THBT the USA should stop its military support of Taiwan
  • R2 THBT the state has a duty to provide free, unlimited and uncensored access to the Internet at every home
  • R3 THW legalise all forms of hatespeech
  • R4 THW still pronounce a verdict for civil cases which have been settled out of court
  • R5 THBT each country has a duty to limit population growth
  • Semi You are the commander of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf.  It is the day after Israel was annihilated in a surprise Iranian nuclear attack: THW not use Israel’s second strike capabilities
  • Final THW halt all state-sponsored efforts to integrate immigrants into society

Newcastle IV, England, November 4 

Durham IV, England, November 5-6

  • R1 THB the police should not create perp walks.
  • R2 THW teach boys those aspects of subjects which are thought to be most interesting to them, such as military history.
  • R3 THW require all newspapers to be constituted as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists.
  • R4 Insofar as it is cost effective, THBT authorities should routinely gather and access as much information, including private and personal information, that may conceivably be useful in solving or preventing crime, as possible.
  • R5 THW punish NHS workers who do not blow the whistle on malpractice, corruption or negligence, of which they know, as if they had carried out the act themselves.
  • Main Break Semi Finals    This house would not prosecute people living below the poverty line for purely acquisitive crime.
  • Novice Final    This house believes it is illegitimate for governments to prevent any peaceful protest in public space.
  • Main Break Final    This house believes that the media should not use the phrase ‘big society’ uncritically.

Mostar Pro-Am Training Tournament, Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 5-6 

John Smith Memorial Irish Mace Round 1 (November 8 – December 5)

  • Heat 1 THW positively discriminate for women in the armed forces
  • Heat 2  THW introduce a salary cap for European footballers
  • Heat 3  THB The state should financially support newspapers
  • Heat 4 THW only hire disabled actors to play disabled characters
  • Heat 5 THW abolish JobBridge
  • Heat 6  THW set a cap on pay for all chief executives and other high level employees of chartities.
  • Heat 7 THW abolish geographical constituencies and hold only national elections
  • Heat 8 THW allow people to sell their organs.
  • Heat 9 THW give social welfare in the form of vouchers.
  • Heat 10 THW abolish all laws prohibiting cruelty to animals
  • Heat 11 THW allow parents to remove their children from sex education classes.
  • Heat 12 THBT news outlets should not have shown images of Gaddafi’s corpse
  • Heat 13 THW dismantle power sharing in the North and elect the Stormont Assembly by PR STV
  • Heat 14 THW ban the use, in schools, of literature that reinforces traditional gender roles.
  • Heat 15 THW Not outsource the running of hospitals to private companies.
  • Heat 16 THW allow police to temporarily suspend social networking sites in the interest of restoring law and order
  • Heat 17 THW publicly fund research into paranormal phenomena
  • Heat 18 THW Occupy Dame Street
  • Heat 19 THW impose a moratorium on home foreclosures
  • Heat 20 THW prohibit the release of previously unpublished artistic works, after the death of the creator, author or musician
  • Heat 21 TH regrets the popularity of the Twilight series
  • Heat 22 THW Would Reintroduce Hard Labour in Prisons
  • Heat 23 THW not lie to its children about Santa Claus
  • Heat 24 THB that it is in the interests of women’s equality to campaign against maternity leave.
  • Heat 25 THW require internet subscribers to opt in in order to be able to view pornorgraphic websites
  • Heat 26 That military officers should be allowed to publicly criticise the government
  • Heat 27 This House would allow the defendants that belong to a minority group to choose to be judged by a jury composed exclusively of other members of their same minority group.
  • Heat 28 THW (assuming the technology existed) implant irremovable tracking chips in its citizens
  • Heat 29 THBT Trade Unions do more harm than good for workers
  • Heat 30 THBT destruction of private property is a legitimate tool for environmental campaigners
  • Heat 31 THW End All State Funding For The Arts
  • Heat 32 THW Allow People To Sell Their Organs


Oxford IV, England, November 11-12

  • R1 THBT sexual education classes in schools should teach techniques or pure sexual gratification (including but not limited to …list follows)
  • R2 THBT in developing countries aid organisations should be banned from religious proselytyzing
  • R3 THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws in times of economic crisis
  • R4 THBT Israel should Materially Support Arab Pro-Democratic Movements
  • R5 THW place a special tax on successful artists in order to fund new and developing artists
  • Quarter THBT international law should allow states which accept refugees to sue the states they come from for compensation.
  • ESL Semi THBT the LBGT movement should not support Gay Pride marches
  • Semi THW establish brothels on military bases
  • ESL Final THBT the leaders of big world corporations should be democratically chosen by national elections
  • Final THW establish geographical zones in which the sale, possession, and use of drugs is legal

Yorkshire Novice Cup, England, November 12 

Bogwall, Scotland, November 18-19

  • Round 1: This house would ban under 18’s from appearing on reality TV shows
  • Round 2: This house would ban all space exploration for the foreseeable future
  • Round 3: This house would globally create a tax on financial transactions
  • Round 4: This house would apply all libel law to content produced on social networking sites
  • Final: This house would euthanise all people on their 80th brithday

Cambridge IV, England, November 18-19

  • R1: THW allow family members to forcibly commit proven alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitation clinics
  • R2: THBT all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of strong Artificial Intelligence (Info slide: A ‘Weak’ Artificial Intelligence is only capable of solving narrowly defined problems. A ‘Strong’ AI is capable of all the same kinds of intellectual tasks as human beings. A Strong AI would be able to reason, plan, learn, adapt, and communicate in natural language. Researchers at major universities have made significant progress towards the creation of Strong AI.)
  • R3: THW provide financial assistance to inner city communities to prevent gentrification
  • R4: THBT China should make extracting a full apology for Japan’s war crimes a top strategic priority
  • R5: THBT feminism should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries
  • QF: THW consider the use of conscripts a war crime
  • ESL SF: THW take the children of the Amish into care
  • SF: TH regrets the rise of a distinct African American culture
  • ESL F: THB that it is morally legitimate for Occupy Movement to use violence to undermine capitalist institutions
  • F: THW break Google’s search monopoly

IDAS, Slovenia, November 25-27

IDAS Training

  • Showdebate: THW make voting a use it or lose it right
  • Debate 1 THBT state has an obligation to fund the arts
  • Debate 2 THBT all countries’ education systems should focus on the teaching of English
  • Debate 3 THW allow abortion only in the case of both parents’ consent
  • Debate 4 THBT the European experiment has failed
  • Debate 5 THBT media in liberal Western democracies is not independent and free
  • Debate 6 THW give every citizen a positive and a negative vote in elections
  • Debate 7 TH supports the implementation of a global Robin Hood tax
  • Debate 8 TH regrets the undemocratic election of Italy’s and Greece’s president
  • Debate 9 THBT the EU should make Serbian membership conditional upon Serbia’s acceptance of gay rights
  • Debate 10 THBT newly democratised Arab countries should not allow religious parties to participate in elections

IDAS Tournament

  • R1: This House believes that the media should show the full horror of war
  • R2: This House approves of “hacktivism” against misbehaving corporations.
  • R3: THW give transnational EU citizenship to Roma.
  • R4: THBT there will be no peace in the Middle East without an independent Palestine.
  • R5: THBT war criminals should be put on trial in their home countries.
  • R6: THBT states should guarantee legally enforceable socio-economic rights.
  • Quarter:THBT Greece should go bankrupt
  • Semi: THBT companies should be held liable in their home countries for environmental damage in other countries
  • Final: THBT the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography

Irish Times Round 2, Ireland, November 25 – November 30

  • Heat 1 – “THW Remove all State Funding from RTE”
  • Heat 2 – “THB if Josef Mengele had Discovered a Cure for Cancer, it’d be morally Acceptable to use it”
  • Heat 3 “THW Remove Equal State Suffrage in the United States Senate”
  • Heat 4 “TH Supports ‘The Right to be Forgotten’ (in relation to internet privacy)”
  • Heat 5 “THB Enda Kenny’s first 9 months as Taoiseach have been a success”
  • Heat 6 “THW Allow Organised Fight Clubs”
  • Heat 7 “THW Introduce Sex-Affirmative Action for Corporate Executives”
  • Heat 8 “THW Abolish Libel”

Cicero Debattoernooi, the Netherlands, November 26 (translated)

  • R1: THBT American political parties should hold their primaries nation-wide on one day
  • R2: THBT immigration is a good solution to counter an aging population
  • R3: THW nationalise the banking sector
  • R4: (In 2050 scientists have localised the gen that causes paedophilic tendencies. The gen can be surgically removed/”turned off” without major impact) THW require everyone with the gen to undergo surgery, even if they have never been convicted of a crime
  • R5: THW ban all advertising
  • Semi: THBT large-scale land redistribution are a legitimate way to combat poverty in the third world
  • Final: THW require the ICC to prosecute Netanyahu

ESU England Mace, England, November 26-27

  • Round 1: THW allow gifted students to skip years in primary and secondary school
  • Round 2: THBT all countries should abandon the fight against climate change and should just seek to adapt to its consequences
  • Round 3: (Pre-released motion) THBT all US primary elections should be held on the same day
  • Round 4: THB the EU should centrally govern all vital aspects of the economies of heavily indebted eurozone nations
  • Round 5: THBT single parents in prison should be provided with special treatment to allow them to raise their young children from behind bars
  • Semi-Final: THBT Pakistan should cease all assistance to the United States in the fight against the Taliban
  • Grand Final: THW criminalise all forms of racist speech and behaviour, even where it falls short of directly inciting racial hatred or violence

Zeit Debatte Karlsruhe, Germany, November 26-27 (translated)

  • R1: Should appeal procedures (Einspruchsmöglichkeiten) against construction projects for renewable energy be cancelled?
  • R2: Should the inclusion of disabled children in German schools be stopped?
  • R3: Should the NPD be banned?
  • R4 (1st in-between round): : Should human rights be cancelled for those persons who violate human rights?
  • R5 (2nd in-between round): Should news be censored when it could shake the confidence in the public finances of a Eurozone member?
  • Semi: Should the West support the uprising in Syria militarily?
  • Final: Do we need a United States of Europe?

Moscow Open, Russia, November 26-27

  • R1: THW ban the smacking of children
  • R2: THBT one party’s maximum share in the parliament should be limited to 50% + 1 place
  • R3: THBT eurozone countries that are in danger of default should be forced to give up control over taxation and budget spending in addition to receiving a bail-out.
  • R4: THBT legislators should not take the will of the people into consideration, when the reason behind it is religious
  • R5: THBT countries should use political leverage to influence judicial proceedings involving their citizens in other countries.
  • Semi-final: THBT Russia along with the EU & US should implement a complete trade ban with Iran
  • Final: THBT society would be better if the primary duty of companies were to their workers and not to their shareholders


Cork IV, Ireland, December 2-3

  • R1: THBT all bail-out packages should be approved by a popular referendum in the recipient party
  • R2: THBT the Arab League should impose an oil embargo on the EU until the EU member states lift their ban on the Islamic Veil
  • R3: THBT it would be better if Sinn Fein took their seats (in the UK parliament)
  • R4: THBT Virginia Tech should remember Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter, along with his victims in its memorials … and launch 33 balloons
  • R5: THW allow defendants in criminal trials to ask the judge to be acquitted on the grounds that the law they broke was unjust, and would instruct all juries to take this defense into account
  • Semi: THBT the State should give everyone an equal salary, paid for by the government, even if they are unemployed
  • Novice final: THBT the State should have no role in the recognition of marriage
  • Final: THW refuse war veterans the right to vote

Paris Centrale IV, France, December 2-3

  • R1: THBT parenthood should be by license only
  • R2: THBT states should actively try to break down internet censorship of foreign regimes
  • R3: THBT gay professional sportspeople have a duty to come out
  • R4: THBT the European Union should have direct powers of taxation
  • R5: THW legalize opium production in Afghanistan
  • Semi-final: THBT serial marital infidelity should be a bar to seeking high political office
  • Final: THW partition Belgium

Estonian Pro-Am Tournament, Estonia, December 3

  • R1: THBT the Russian language should be an official language of Estonia
  • R2: THW ban pornography
  • R3: THBT political assassination is a legitimate tool for foreign policy
  • R4: THW have a maximum wage
  • Final: THW stop all measures to prevent suicides

Finnish National Championships, Finland, December 3

  • R1: THW break the state monopoly on alcohol
  • R2: THW not fund public service broadcasters (like YLE or BBC)
  • R3: THBT free health care should cover cosmetic surgery
  • R4: THBT Finland should unilaterally pull out of the Euro
  • Semis: THW create a common European defence force
  • Finals: THW appoint the parliament by lottery

ESU Welsh Mace, Wales, December 3 

KCL IV, England, December 3

  • R1: THBT High Schools should not award the titles Prom King and Prom Queen at the Senior Prom
  • R2: THW Make Substantial Military Service a Condition for Running for the Presidency of the United States
  • R3: THBT Facebook, Google, and Yahoo should take active steps to prevent the formation of “filter bubbles”
  • R4: THW allow individuals to legally occupy any building that has been unused for more than 6 months
  • Semi: THBT the Japanese Government should allow its citizens to form leagues of masked vigilantes to fight the Yakuza
  • Final: THBT Courts in Emerging Democracies should break up persistently dominant political parties

Sheffield IV, England, December 3 

SSE Riga IV, Latvia, December 9-10

  • R1: THBT Western nations should make development aid conditional on the protection of LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) rights.
  • R2: THBT governments should lie to their populations in time of economic crisis, where the lies are deemed likely to improve the economy.
  • R3: THW make any language which is spoken by at least 5% of the population an official state language and offer all state service in that language.
  • R4: THBT the US military should destroy Iran’s nuclear program.
  • R5: THW require all media aimed at children to undermine traditional gender roles
  • SF: THW make the US pay reparations to its Muslim citizens.
  • F: THBT the time for the United States of Europe has come.

Streitcultur Cup, Tuebingen, Germany, December 9 (translated)

  • R1: Fake or Real: Should photoshopped (retouched) images be banned in advertisement?
  • R2: Should states that financially support other states in crisis situations get a say in that country’s internal politics?
  • R3: Should the concept of household income be abolished for taxation purposes? (Soll das Ehegattensplitting abgeschafft werden?)
  • Final: In the name of the people: do we need jury panels in our courts?

Stuttgart IV, Germany, December 10-11

  • R1: THW make the right to vote contingent on basic knowledge about political issues
  • R2: THBT the EU should limit the amount of energy individuals are allowed to consume
  • R3: As a parent, THW not lie to its children about the existence of Santa Claus
  • R4: THW allow young boys to undergo chemical castration to preserve their singing voices
  • Semi: This house would militarily intervene in Syria
  • Final: THW make Drion’s pill publicly available

Lancaster IV, England, December 10 

Bristol IV, England, December 10 

Birmingham IV, England, December 17-18 

Dutch Novice Cup, the Netherlands, December 17 (translated)

  • R1: THW enable people to sue their partner for compensation in case of infedility
  • R2: THW abolish political parties and only allow election of individuals
  • R3: THW set ethnic quota per school
  • Final: Situation: you are an unparalelled neurochemist. By accident, you discover a cheap medicine without side effects that can guarantee heterosexuality in unborn children. Motion: You would make your discovery public

De La Salle Worlds, Philippines, December 28-January 4

  • R1: THW make fathers take paternity leave.
  • R2: THW prevent politicians from making fact claims that, while not technically lies, are substantially misleading to voters.
  • R3: THW force large companies who leave an area to pay the costs of any resulting structural unemployment.
  • R4: THW require individuals to use all their wealth beyond USD 5 million for philanthropic projects.
  • R5: THW require deaf parents to send their children (whether deaf or hearing) to mainstream schools for their primary and secondary education.
  • R6: TH supports politicians who pass progressive legislation, even where this is contrary to the wishes of the democratic electorate.
  • R7: TH supports the free movement of labour worldwide.
  • R8: THW exempt academic disputes from defamation law.
  • R9: THW ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system.
  • Open octos: THW not allow a single media company to own multiple TV channels or newspapers (whether in print or online).
  • ESL quarters: THW limit government ministers’ standard of living to that of someone on the current median wage.
  • Open quarters: THBT “Western” consultants advising dictatorships have a moral duty to sabotage them.
  • ESL semis: In countries with few female politicians, THB it is good to have a politically active ‘first lady’.
  • EFL semis: THBT when doctors discover a patient has STDs, they should reveal that info to the patient’s partner.
  • Open semis: THBT images designed to even slightly sexually attract/aroused viewer should be restricted to specialist adult shot/xxx domain.
  • EFL final: THBT public education systems should raise the aspirations of children from disadvantaged backgrounds beyond that which is realistic to expect them to achieve.
  • ESL final: TH supports scientists who fabricate evidence exaggerating the certainty of man-made climate change, where there is a low likelihood to be caught.
  • Open final: TH supports nationalism.

Motions 2012


Zeit Debatte Hamburg, Germany, January 13-15 (translated)

  • R1: Should pensioners be obliged to do voluntary work?
  • R2: Should the 9th of November be Germany’s national holiday?
  • R3: Do we need a common European asylum and migration policy?
  • R4: Should the debt limit on Länder be abolished?
  • R5: Should people with prostheses be allowed to participate in regular sports competitions, even when the prostheses could be considered advantageous?
  • Semi: Should research in all German universities exclusively serve civil and peaceful purposes?
  • Final: Should the position of national president be abolished?

Nottingham Trent IV, England, January 14 

Berlin New Year’s Invitational, Germany, January 20 (translated)

  • R1: THBT the Brasilian state should prosecute a murder that happens among one of the uncontacted peoples in the rainforest
  • R2: THBT in states where cloning is allowed for research purposes, it should be possible to purchase Chimären (a copy body? genetic material?)
  • R3: THW prohibit missionary work that pronounces abstention as the only godly way against the spread of HIV
  • R4: THBT the State should put freedom over security in case of doubt
  • Final: THBT fathers have the right to get a fatherhood test even against the explicit wish of the mother

Berlin Punk, Germany, January 21-22

  • R1: THW make the use of public transport free
  • R2: THW forbid celebrities to present their children in the media
  • R3: THBT education is a federal matter
  • R4: THBT the EU should impose an embargo on countries where child labour exists
  • Semi: THBT endangered animal species should not be actively protected
  • Final: THBT judges should have the option to sentence people to human trials (medical trials?)

Oxford Women’s Open, England, January 20-21

  • R1: THBT religious organisations should be subject to all aspects of civilian law (including, but not limited to: employment practice, adoption policy,…)
  • R2: THW require military training to include extensive ethical and philosophical study
  • R3:THW vote Republican
  • R4: THW legalise S&M
  • R5: THB it is legitimate to use violence to defend private property
  • Semi: TH, as the UN, would use only private military companies for peace keeping operations
  • Final: THW raise its child without gender

London IV, England, January 21

Rotterdam BP Tournament, Netherlands, January 21 (translated)

  • R1: THW allow ‘Fight Clubs’ to be founded
  • R2: THW give police the same investigative powers as under the anti-terrorism framework when dealing with ‘loverboys’ (men who trick young women into becoming prostitutes)
  • R3: THBT the EU should focus all its efforts on the Common Market (should only strive for a Common Market)
  • R4: THW oblige prospective parents with a genetic disease to use embryo selection
  • Semi: THW suspend all sanctions on North Korea
  • Final: THW impose a legal duty of care on adult children for their parents

Trinity IV, Ireland, January 27-28

  • R1: THW disclose the ethnicity of a sperm/egg donor to the prospective parent
  • R2: THBT goverments should only fund bailouts of other countries if they get permission to do so in a referendum
  • R3: THBT the US should give South Korea weapons
  • R4: THBT the feminist groups should not campaign against abortion
  • R5: THBT the US should pay reparations to its Muslim population for policies carried out in the aftermath of 9/11
  • Quarter: THBT Boston College should release the IRA tapes
  • Semi: TH whishes that Barack Obama had faced a primary challenge
  • Final: THW welcome the downfall of global capitalism

York IV, England, January 27

  • R1: THW force broadcasters to display, promote and report women’s sport equally to men’s sport.
  • R2: THW allow people to opt in to drugs that have not yet passed clinical trials.
  • R3: THW make Georgia a NATO member.
  • R4: THW ban the private production of pornography and replace it with state-produced pornography that promotes respect and good treatment for women.
  • Semi: THW prevent foreign ownership of significant domestic companies
  • Final: THW treat the desecration and destruction of sites of historical or cultural value as a crime against humanity

Irish Mace Debates Round 2, January 24 – February 4

  • Heat One: THW remove all hate speech laws
  • Heat Two: THW allow “religious duty/compulsion” as a mitigating defense for crimes
  • Heat Three: THW ban media reporting on violent crimes
  • Heat Four: THW hold parents responsible for the crimes of their kids
  • Heat Five: THW make rehabilitation the sole criteria for releasing criminals from prison
  • Heat Six: THW ban works of literature/film/music that glorify criminality
  • Heat Seven: THW compel priests to report a crime which they learn of through confession
  • Heat Eight: TTHW abolish the practice of plea bargaining
  • Heat Nine:: THW end the use of prisons
  • Heat Ten: THW, in countries where the death penalty is in use, not allow anyone to watch the execution
  • Heat Eleven: THW take socio-economic background into account when sentencing criminals
  • Heat Twelve: TTHW prosecute domestic violence without the consent of the victim
  • Heat Thirteen: THBT post-revolution states should delegate all trials and sentencing of former rulers and high ranking officials to the international community
  • Heat Fourteen: THW Elect its Judges Democratically
  • Heat Fifteen: THW publish a list of convicted sex offenders
  • Heat Sixteen: THW ban alcohol

French Debate Association Tournament Preliminary Rounds, Paris, France, January 26 – March 5

  • Heat One: THBT we live in a mediaocracy
  • Heat Two: THB in the Holy Trinity: Apple, Google and Facebook
  • Heat Three: THBT life begins at 25
  • Heat Four: THBT politicians should retire at 65 like everybody else
  • Heat Five: THB in freedom at all costs
  • Heat Six: THB in a three-day week-end
  • Heat Seven: THW blow the whistle
  • Heat Eight: THBT physical appearance is a fundamental criterion for good leadership
  • Heat Nine: THB politicians should have a sense of humor
  • Heat Ten: THBT If You Are Not In Fashion, You Are Nobody
  • Heat Eleven: THBT science has replaced philosophy
  • Heat Twelve: THBT men build too many walls and not enough bridges
  • Heat Thirteen: THBT if it isn’t broken, break it
  • Heat Fourteen: THW look back in anger
  • Heat Fifteen: THBT greed is good
  • Heat Sixteen: THBT If It’s Not Fun, You’re Not Doing It Right.
  • Heat Seventeen: THBT the best is yet to come
  • Heat Eighteen: THBT stale, pale males still rule


Irish Times Semi Finals, January 31 – February 7

  • Semi Final A “THB the Protection of National Identity is a Legitimate Reason to Restrict Immigration”
  • Semi Final B “THB in a State of Anarchy”
  • Semi Final C “THB Feminism has Run it’s Course”
  • Semi Final D “THW Vote for Mitt Romney to be the Next President of the United States of America”

Warwick IV, England, February 4

Aghveryan IV, Armenia, February 6

  • R1: THW punish sports teams for the criminal and violent behaviour of their fans.
  • R2: THW ban foreign citizens from adopting Armenian children.
  • R3: THW add a right to internet access to the Armenian constitution.
  • R4: THB that the Armenian media does not adequately represent the views and concerns of Armenian society.
  • Final: THB that journalism is more effective than political protest in holding governments responsible for their actions.

Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Amsterdam (BDT), Netherlands, February 11 (translated)

  • R1: THW fire civil servants who refuse to wed same-sex couples
  • R2: THW ban Martijn, a paedophile association (vereniging)
  • R3: THW transform the EU into a United States of Europe
  • R4: THW abolish deposit guarantee schemes everywhere
  • R5: THW ban imports from countries where workers do not have the liberty to form unions
  • Semi: THW abolish patents on computer software
  • Final: THW instate a general pardon to asylum seekers who have lived in the Netherlands for five years as a minor, and for their parents/legal guardians if they are currently still a minor

Galway Open, Ireland, February 11-12

  • R1: THB It is Illegitimate for the State to Attempt to Instill Morals or Values in Children in Schools
  • R2: THW Prosecute Barack Obama for War Crimes
  • R3: TH Regrets the Existence of Valentine’s Day
  • R4: from the view of Iran: THW Build a Nuclear Weapon
  • R5: THB the State Should Impose a Maximum Income of €50000, inc benefits, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • Semi: THW ban all technology in the pursuit of the genetic enhancement of humanity
  • Final: in the context of The Matrix: THW take the Blue Pill

Cardiff IV, Wales, February 11

  • R1: THW create a separate league for athletes who choose to take performance enhancing substances.
  • R2: THW require all video games that ostensibly depict realistic combat to adhere to the rules of war
  • R3: THW abolish the concept of limited liability
  • R4: THW create a separate state where all women and only women can claim citizenship
  • Final: Context: You are a young man in Galilee about 2000 years ago. You are charismatic and clever. You have the ability to gain a devoted following. People believe you are the son of God and are able to perform a number of miracles, like food-multiplication and healing. Motion: THW use the influences gained from these abilities and beliefs to propagate socialist values that are justified through faith.

ESU Scottish Mace, Scotland, February 11

Irish Mace Third Round, February 12 – 14

  • Heat One: THW allow the families of victims of war crimes to sue the country responsible for reparations
  • Heat Two: THW grant amnesty to dictators who voluntarily leave office
  • Heat Three: THW Make the directors of multi-national companies criminally responsible for any environmental damage caused by their company in the developing world
  • Heat Four: THW refuse to extradite criminals to countries with the death penalty
  • Heat Five: THW Never hold major sporting events in countries with ongoing human rights violations
  • Heat Six: THW allow the global free movement of people
  • Heat Seven: THW believes that it is legitimate for parliaments to delegate sovereignty to the EU without any need for referendum
  • Heat Eight: THW use military force to deliver aid in humanitarian crises

Final Irish Times, Ireland, February 17

  • THW Abolish Prisons

LSE Open, England, February 17-18

  • R1: THW legalise all forms of assisted suicide for mentally sound people
  • R2: TH regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy
  • R3: THBT western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions
  • R4: THBT the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities
  • R5: TH welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings
  • Quarter: info slide: behavioural economics, rival changes in the way choices are presented changes behaviour THBT the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices
  • Semi: THBT Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China’s acquisition of Africa’s natural land and resources
  • ESL Final: THBT national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities
  • Final: TH regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies

Aberdeen Open, Scotland, February 17-18

  • R1: THBT the Gay Rights Movement Should Campaign For The Abolition of Marriage, Rather Than Marriage Equality
  • R2: THBT the UK Should Leave The EU
  • R3: Info Slide: Scientific research has found evidence that a particular race has an increased genetic risk of developing psychiatric disorders. THBT Journals Should Not Publish The Research
  • R4: THBT The Image Of Female Sexuality Depicted By Female RnB Artists In Songs Like, But Not Limited To, Rihanna’s Rude Boy Are Empowering.
  • Final: THBT It Is Immoral To Vote Republican

Manchester IV, England, February 24-26

  • R1: THB India should remove its ban on ‘The Satanic Verses’
  • R2: THW invest in big casinos to rejuvenate economically disadvantaged areas
  • R3: THB the Greek Government should reject the latest EU, ECB & IMF bailout agreement
  • R4: THB the Gay Rights Movement should oppose Gay Pride Parades in Western Liberal Democracies
  • R5: THBT the states of former Yugoslavia should create a unified football league
  • Open QF: THBT Vladmir Putin should make a credible public offer to the United States for joint decommissioning of their entire nuclear arsenal
  • ESL SF: THBT the Media should not show images of police brutality
  • Open SF: THBT film stars, music stars & other popular entertainers should be prohibited from participating in political campaigns
  • ESL Final: THW grant automatic asylum to women from countries under sharia law
  • Open Final: THBT Western European countries should teach an overwhelmingly negative version of their imperial histories


Glasgow Ancients, Scotland, March 2-3

Budapest Open, Hungary, March 2-4

  • R1: THW not imprison those convicted of non-violent crimes
  • R2: THW make development aid conditional upon the improvement of women’s rights.
  • R3: THW lift the ban on Communist symbols in all post-communist EU member states
  • R4: THW only provide state pension to those mentally or physically unable to work.
  • Semi: THW ban medicine designed to erase human memories
  • Final: THBT violent activities to achieve anti-capitalist aims in Western societies are justified

Nottingham Open, England, March 3-4

French Debate Association Tournament Semi Finals, Paris, France, March 8 and March  13

  • Semi 1: THBT a man who dies rich is a man who dies disgraced
  • Semi 2: THBT whoever controls the past controls the future.

Vienna IV, Austria, March 9-11

  • R1: THW introduce mandatory trips to Nazi concentration camps for Austrian elementary school students.
  • R2: This House supports the use of charity rather than state welfare systems.
  • R3: This House believes that Russia was justified in vetoing intervention in Syria.
  • R4: This House believes that Facebook is justified to censor any of its users’ content for any reason it sees fit.
  • R5: This House supports the appointment of technocratic governments in Eurozone countries suffering fiscal crisis.
  • R6: THB the Israeli Army should adopt a policy of shooting to kill their own comrades where they are likely to be captured.
  • Semi: THBT EU countries should promote Christianity and not other religions.
  • Final: Given the ability to carry a full term pregnancy in an incubator. THBT humankind should seek to abolish natural pregnancy.

John Smith Memorial Mace Semi Finals, Ireland, March 5, 12 and 13

  • Quarter 1: THBT the NAACP should publicly condemn Chris Brown
  • Quarter 2: THW ban “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”
  • Quarter 3: THW abolish the two categories for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress at the Academy Awards and award only gender neutral Oscars for Best Acting and Best Supporting Acting
  • Quarter 4: THBT notable LGB figures should not describe their sexuality as a choice

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV, St Petersburg, Russia, March 9-11

Leeds Open, England, March 9-10

UL Limerick Open, Ireland, March 9-10

Zeit Debatte Magdeburg, Germany, March 16-18 (translated)

  • R1: Should there be a minimum BMI for models?
  • R2: Should tax returns (Steuererklärungen) be made public?
  • R3: Should we consider the DDR an unjust state?
  • R4: Should private pensions be abolished?
  • Semi: Should buildings that have been empty/unused for over a year be made freely available for general use?
  • Final: Should politicians and diplomats in general no longer hold immunity status?

Debattoernooi Utrecht (DTU), March 17 (translated)

  • R1: THW give parliaments the right to appoint an absolute dictator for a limited period of time
  • R2: THBT women in the Netherlands are emancipated enough
  • R3: TH, being an Italian judge, would convict Berlusconi of abuse of power, corruption and gross negligence and take away all his personal belongings
  • R4: THW assume the suspect of a crime to be guilty when the witness(es) in a court case are intimidated or physically abused (approximation)
  • Semi: THW not punish people who live below the poverty line for economic crimes they have committed
  • Final: TH, being MTV, would publicly denounce acts with lyrics that degrade women or gays and/or glorify violence (approximation)

Debatica IV, Moscow, Russia, March 17

John Smith Memorial Mace Semi Finals, Ireland, March 20 and March 22

  • Semi 1: THBT Feminist Groups Should Campaign for a Complete Overhaul of the Economic System
  • Semi 2: THBT Feminist Groups Should Actively Recruit Male Spokespeople


Heriot-Watt Open, Scotland, March 24

  • R1. THW allow corporations to pay higher salaries to employees who agree not to have children
  • R2. “Info slide for Round 2: The congressional black caucus is a voting block within the US congress, claiming to represent a black voice. / Any black congressman may join, but some Republicans do not; it is dominated by Democrats / It has repeatedly rejected membership applications from non-black congressmen” Motion: THBT the congressional black caucus should admit non-black members
  • R3. THW establish as a norm of international law that reparations should not be paid after wars
  • R4. THW replace income tax with a tax on wealth
  • Final: THBT the Scottish Government should allow England to vote in the referendum on Scottish Independence


DCU Open, Dublin, Ireland, March 23-24

  • R1: THBT it is morally wrong for companies to base hiring/firing/promotion decisions on info taken from social networking sites
  • R2: THW place police in schools that protect them
  • R3: THW not (as the USA) support Israel in a pre-emptive strike on Iraq
  • R4: THW require companies to have the same environmental and working standards in foreign countries as in their home states
  • R5: TH supports the right of parents of mentally disabled children to medically slow or prevent their physical growth
  • Semi:
  • Final: A zombie infection has broken out, THBT it is morally legitimate to kill uninfected humans to increase your own chances of survival.

Exeter Open, England, March 24

Mykolas Romeris IV, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 24-25

  • R1 THW ban beauty pageants for under 16-year olds
  • R2 THBT the media should not publish news on suicides
  • R3: THW require that Roma children be sent to state boarding schools
  • R4: THW ban the use of religious rhetoric in political campaigns
  • R5: TH supports the use of bounty hunters in law enforcement
  • Semi: TH regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
  • Final: THW grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution on grounds of sexual violence

French Debate Association Tournament Final, Paris, France. March  26th

  • THBT our technology has exceeded our humanity

Dutch Open, the Netherlands, March 30-31

  • R1: THW forcibly relocate indigenous peoples where their presence prevents the extraction of valuable resources
  • R2:THB that sex education classes should include sexual fetishes with the aim of normalising them.
  • R3: THW not allow pre-nuptial agreements
  • R4: THB that developing countries should disregard intellectual property rights on life saving/preserving medicine
  • R5: This House Would covertly fabricate evidence that politicians who promote demonisation or criminalisation of homosexuality are gay (approximation)
  • Novice final: THW make the punishment for crimes of theft inversely proportional to the wealth of the victim (approximation)
  • Semi: THW create country quotas for the acceptance of refugees and allow for trade of these obligations
  • Final: THW create a Supreme Court to protect future generations from current lawmakers

Schwarzwald Cup, Freiburg, Germany, March 31-April 1 (translated)

  • R1: THW found one European elite university
  • R2: THW tax meat products (approximation)
  • R3: THW take away  the special protection of marriage from the law
  • R4: THW drink more milk.
  • R5: THW oblige all ministeries (state departments) to use only open source software
  • R6: THW shrink/make smaller the Eurozone
  • Final: THW save Schlecker (a drugstore chain that is bankrupt)

John Smith Memorial Mace Final Ireland, March 30

  • THBT Science Is Holding Back Humanity

Kent IV, England, March 31


HSE Open, Moscow, April 7-8

  • R1: THBT all teachers should openly declare their sexuality to their pupils
  • R2: THW set legally binding minimal physical parameters for fashion models
  • R3: THW treat cyber attacks as acts of war
  • R4: THW legalize all drugs
  • R5: THW not use public money on life-extending medical care for people over a certain age
  • Semi:THBT change comes through molotov cocktails, not with a voting ballot
  • Final: In the case where human space exploration efforts locate an inhabitable planet, THBT the settlers of that planet should construct a society without private property

Paris IV, France, April 6-7

  • R1: THW remove all constraints on companies firing workers
  • R2: THW make sportןמע teams whose fansperformed violence or severe disorderly behaviour, play their matches in front of a crowd of women and children only.
  • R3: TH, as Aljazeera, would have broadcasted the videos of the Toulouse attacks.
  • R4: THBT retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system
  • R5: THBT the state should subsidize feminist porn
  • Semi: THW ban all research into the genetic origins of homosexuality
  • ESL Final:THW make assimilation the primary goal of legislation related to immigrants.
  • Final: thw allow the deliberate (!) targeting of civilians in war, where it would significantly reduce casualties in the long term

USU Open, USA, April 13-16

  • R1: THW legalize multi-partner marriages for both men and women.
  • R2: THW ban private financing of election campaigns.
  • R3: TH regrets the Arab Spring
  • R4: THW abolish prison sentences for all non-violent crimes.
  • R5: THBT the creation of the Eurozone has done more harm than good. INFO SLIDE: The Eurozone is a currency union consisting of EU member states who have adopted the Euro as their common currency. Its monetary policy is administered by the European Central Bank.
  • R6: THBT the West Should cease using attack drones in counter-insurgency operations.
  • Octo: THW lift all sanctions on Iran that target its nuclear program.
  • Quarter: TH regrets the declIne of labor unions.
  • Semi: THBT governments should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards socially desirable choices.INFOSLIDE: There is growing evidence from behavioral economics that seemingly trivial alterations in the way decisions are presented can substantially affect choices.  For instance, printing smiley faces on the electricity bills of low-usage households decreases their future electricity consumption.  As another example, consumers presented with a list of financial choices are more likely to choose items placed near the middle of the list.
  • Final: THBT coming cuts in USA military spending will make the world a better place.

Jacobs Open, Germany, April 13-15

  • R1: When paying teachers, THW take into account their students’ academic performance
  • R2 TH regrets joining Facebook
  • R3 THW encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights
  • R4: THW pay spouses who stay at home a salary
  • R5: TH supports the US’s use of military drones in Pakistan
  • Final: TH supports campaigns like “Kony 2012”

Science Po Le Havre IV, France, April 13-15

  • R1: THW ban racist and extreme nationalist political parties
  • R2: THW lift all sanctions on North Korea
  • R3: THBT the ICC should offer Joseph Kony an amnesty from prosecution
  • R4: THW impose a 75% rate of tax on all earnings over €100000
  • R5: THBT all State Schools should actively promote the religion of the majority
  • Semi: THBT state policies should actively discourage a consumerist lifestyle
  • Final: TH regrets the founding of the European Union

Estonia Open, Estonia, April 19-22

  • R1: THW abandon the single European monetary currency
  • R2: TH condems racially provocative art
  • R3: THW defend Anders Breivik
  • R4: THW choose only non religious soldiers to serve in international conflicts
  • R5: THW only teach gender neutral pronouns in school
  • Semi: THBT current Generation Germans should not pay taxes or any other form of reparations for Nazi atrocities
  • Final: THW reject a Western conception of property rights in favour of collective ownership.

Norddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Kiel, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

  • R1:TH calls for a common European army
  • R2: THW lift the ban on dancing (Tanzverbot, probably more a general celebration ban) on the “quiet holidays” (Good Friday, Memorial Day and Remembrance Sunday (Totensonntag))
  • R3: THW make the ‘morning after pill’ available without doctor’s recipe
  • R4: THW cancel the exemption on the 5% vote threshold for national minorities
  • Semi: THBT the Olympic Idea has outlived itself
  • Final: THW allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Jena, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

  • R1: THW abolish state imposed heritage protection
  • R2: There are states which prescribe quota for the number of women in Boards of companies. THW prohibit companies from other states that do not fill the required quota in their Board to participate in public tenders in states with quotas.
  • R3: THW limit media coverage of shootings
  • R4: When a ship threatens to breach a UN weapons embargo, THW allow all states to stop the ship with the use of force.
  • Semi: THBT every person has the right to take pictures of works of art or performances and publish them as their own works of art
  • Final: THW allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

Süddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Ingolstad, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

  • R1: TH calls for a constitutional right to Internet
  • R2: THW mandate the use of condoms in pornoggaphic movies
  • R3: THBT a stable dictatorship is better than an unstable democracy
  • R4: In case of a zombie-epidemic, THBT zombies have a right to a humane life in special zombie-habitats
  • Semi: THBT it would be good for the Catholic Chuch to let the next pope be elected by a vote by all Catholics
  • Final: THW allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

NK Debatteren, Dutch National Championships, the Netherlands, April 21-22 (translated)

  • R1: THBT political parties should not take gender into account when selecting candidates for voting lists
  • R2: Situation slide: You are a single British mother with a teenage son and daughter. The UK has recently mandated internet providers to use filters to block pornographic material. The filter can be taken down by a phone call by an adult. You do not watch porn. Motion: You call the internet provider to take down the filter, while your children are present
  • R3: THW abolish the tax rebate on mortgage interest
  • R4: THW allow the Reclame Code Commissie (Dutch Advertising Standards Authority) to ban advertisements which affirm gender roles
  • R5: Context slide:You are Werner Heisenberg, a brilliant physicist. It is June 1942. You have done two years of research into nuclear fission, necessary to build an atomic bomb. You are a patriotic German, but not a nazi fanatic. You cooperate actively with the nazis. You do not know about the Holocaust. Albert Speer, Nazi-minister of armament and munition asks whether it is at all possible to build an atomic bomb and whether Germany can build one in three years. Your calculations indicate both are possible. Your advice is decisive for the continuation of Germany’s nuclear program. Motion: You lie to Albert Speer and tell him the atomic bomb cannot be built.
  • R6: THW abolish the income criteria for family reunification (when bringing family members to the Netherlands for permanent settlement, the applicant must have an income significantly higher than the minimum wage)
  • Semi: THBT, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the state for scientific use or for organ donation depending on necessity
  • Novice final: THBT in countries where abortion is illegal, no exceptions should be made for cases of incest or rape
  • Final: THBT every Dutch family with an average or higher income has a moral obligation to take in a foster child (child from foster care)

Israeli Open, Israel, April 21

  • R1: TH, which is the West, would sanction China.
  • R2: TH, which is the ministry of health, will withhold any information regarding a drug that will ensure the birth of heterosexual children.
  • R3: (Information slide) Immediate Democracy is a system in which the voter may change their vote at any given time, thus changing the composition of the parliament on a daily basis according to public support. THW enact an Immediate Democracy.
  • SF: THW release inmates from jail solely on the basis of their rehabilitation and not upon the completion of a predetermined period of time.
  • Final: (Information slide) You are a young man living in the Galilee 2,000 years ago. You are smart and charismatic. You are capable of collecting and leading a fold of followers. People believe you are the son of God and can do miracles such as healing and food replication. Motion: THW use its influence to disseminate socially progressive values supported by faith.

Southampton Open, England, April 21

International John Smith Memorial Mace Final, London, England, April 29

  • This house believes the ICC should use bounty hunters to capture and, if necessary, kill indicted war criminals

Saggsn- Masders, Dresden, Germany, 28-29 April

  • R1: THW make Saxon a mandatory foreign language on Saxon colleges (hochschulen)
  • R2: THW swap all children after birth
  • R3: TH calls for a culture flat tax
  • R4: THW give Parliament the right to initiate foreign deployment of the army
  • Final: THW grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants


York Open, England, May 5

Zionism Begin Tournament, Israel, May 11 (translated)

  • R1: THBT the Israeli MoD museum department should stop all it’s funding for sites and museums commemorating the Etzel and Lechi groups.
  • R2: THW rather marry a Zionist Shiksa than an Anti-Zionist Jew.
  • R3: TH regrets “Aloni Mora” (euphemism for the settlements)
  • R4: THW will move the Israeli Capital from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv.
  • Final: THW pay monetary compensation to Sephardi Jews.

Zeit Debatte Munster, Germany, May 11-13 (translated)

  • R1: THW ban broadcasting of boxing matches from TV
  • R2: THW adjust development aid to countries where gay rights are violated
  • R3: THW include paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchis in the collectinos of leading German art museums (this motion was preceded by an infoslide)
  • R4: THW declare a trade war against China
  • R5: THW instate a public service (öffentlich-rechtliches) system for newspapers
  • Semis: THW ban the defamation of religious symbols or authorities
  • Final: TH supports the targeted/deliberate killing of Iranian scientists

“Denny Crane” Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade, May 12  (translated)

  • R1: This House prefers Guantanamo Bay rather than the current practice of the war against terrorism with unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • R2: In the case of a contact with extra-terrestrial beings, this House would send a woman as a negotiator.
  • R3: This House would grant one seat in the Parliament to all more significant religions.
  • R4: This House would make a number of votes of one voter inversely proportional to his/her personal wealth.
  • Semis: This House believe that only people who take the law into their hands can save us.
  • Final: This House would never restore the buildings destroyed in the bombing.

Split Union Open, May 18, Croatia

  • R1: THW ban single sex schools
  • R2: THW disband NATO
  • R3: THW make votes public
  • R4: THW allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs
  • Final: THW create ethnic diversity in neighborhoods by introducing housing quotas

Bruder Grimm Cup, Marburg, May 26-27, Germany (translated)

  • R1: THW make football clubs pay for the costs of police surveillance during league matches
  • R2: THW block the Security Council as long as the veto power remains available
  • R3: THW Vorrunde: THW rewrite the Grimm fairytales in a gender neutral way (Dieses Haus würde die Grimmschen Märchen gendergerecht umschreiben)
  • R4: THW require candidates for public office to be psychologically evaluated during their trial period rather than making their psychological illness history public
  • Semi: THW allow defendants to choose between a judge or a jury.
  • Final: THW allow doctors treating terminally ill patients patients to offer them treatments that are still in the experimental stages

Dutch Mace, May 26, Netherlands (translated)

  • R1: THW allow companies to pay more salary to its employees in exchange for not having children
  • R2: TH, which is Mabel Wisse Smit (of Orange), would end the life of Prince Friso
  • R3: TH welcomes the end of American hegemony
  • Final: THW die for its country (literally: die for nation and fatherland)


Iron Man BP Tournament, University College Utrecht, June 2, the Netherlands

  • R1: THBT there should be no restrictions on political donations
  • R2: THW predicate any humanitarian aid on efforts limiting birth-rates where there’s a risk of overpopulation.
  • R3: THBT, rather than after the fact, the judicial system should be able to take pre-emptive measures when there’s a suspicion of hate-speech
  • R4: THBT that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the separation between church & state
  • Semis: THW practice investment over austerity in times of economic crisis
  • Final: THW undertake military action against the Syrian government

German Language Championships, Austria, June 7-10 (translated)

  • R1: THW oblige pharmaceutical companies to spend half of their research budgets on illnesses that occur primarily in developing countries
  • R2: THW forbid domestic security services to monitor Members of Parliaments
  • R3: THW continue the European Football Championships with 16 participating teams
  • R4: TH, which is technically capable to do so, would clone Neandertalers
  • R5: THW create Eurobonds
  • R6: THW not perform any plays of Thomas Bernhard in Austria
  • R7: TH supports the foundation of an independent Kurdic state
  • Quarter: TH condemns the use of unmanned weapon systems (drones) against human targets
  • Semi: THW use geo-engineering to combat climate change
  • Final: TH supports large-scale migration from poor to rich regions in the European Union

Bristol Open, England, June 9

Israeli Nationals, MTA College, Israel, June 10-11

  • R1: THW compel citizens to vote in national elections
  • R2: THW exempt from mandatory military service any Hasid who chooses to work rather than study in a Yeshiva
  • R3: TH, which is the Hamas movement, would lay down its arms
  • R4: THW decriminalize squatting
  • R5: THW introduce mandatory minimum sentences
  • R6: THW ban student parties who are backed by national political parties from participating in elections for student unions
  • Semi: THW stop providing tactical training and equipment to “neighbourhood watch” groups in Israeli settlements in the West Bank
  • Final: TH, which is the Iranian regime, would develop nuclear weapons

Durham Open, Durham, England, June 16-17

Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open, England, June 18-19

KCL Open, King’s College London, England, June 23

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 29-July 1

R1: THW assasinate Bashar al Assad

R2: THBT schools should teach children from first-generation immigrants in the language of their  parents

R3: THBT developing countries should limit rural to urban migration

R4: THW compel the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests

R5: TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use Truth and Reconciliation Commisions rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes under Apartheid


Final: TH regrets the decline of socialism


Debado Cup Dortmund, Germany, July 7

Earlsfort Open, Dublin, Ireland, July 7-8

Imperial Summer IV, London, England, July 7-8

  • R1: THW allow companies to pay a higher salary to employees who contractually agree not to have children.
  • R2: THW not imprison people when racist remarks cause offense on social media forums.
  • R3: THW prosecute toppled dictators for crimes against humanity in the ICC rather than in a national court or tribunal.
  • R4:
  • Final:

Boddencup, Greifswald, Germany, July 20-22 (translated)

  • R1: THBT general education (wide promotion) is better than education/promotion of excellence.
  • R2: THW accept Iran as a nuclear power.
  • R3: THBT Vorrunde: Dieses Haus glaubt, der demolition of the Palasts der Republik (DDR Parliament) was a mistake.
  • R4: THW use only masculine word forms for women and men.
  • R5: THW give parliament power to decide over weapons exports.
  • Semi: THW charge a (prohibitively) high customs duty on imports of solar cells from China.
  • Final: TH, being Socrates, would not drink the cup of poison.

SOAS Open, London, England, July 21

  • R1: THW ban religious schools
  • R2: THBT Western countries should commit to cancel all debts owed by any authoritarian country upon its transition to democracy.
  • R3: THW put Jeremy Deller’s piece (of a bombed car) on the plinth ( on Trafalgar Square)
  • R4: TH supports a fiscal union for the eurozone
  • Final: TH regrets the bombing of Japan in Worldwar II

IDC Porto Debate Camp and Open, Portugal, July 27-29

  • R1: THW end all govt funding of the arts
  • R2: THBT the media should out gay public figure
  • R3: THBT the state should not pay any university students tuition fee
  • R4: THBT if he is deemed to be fully rehabilated, Ander Brevik should ultimately be released.
  • R5: THBT people should not get married
  • Semi: TH supports the use of racial profiling in law enforcement
  • Final: THBT capitalism has failed the worker.

Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 29 – August 3

  • R1: THB the state should send all underage overweight children to a summer far camp
  • R2: THBT all EU countries should set the bar of entry to their parliament in such a way that would ensure a two party system
  • R3: THBT Amercia is justified in keeping the Second Amendment
  • R4: You are a western reporter covering the Middle East. You received indisputable and ex
  • clusive evidence that Israel is about to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in the next 24 hours. THW not publish the story
  • R5: THB Turkey should abandon all efforts to join the EU
  • R6: You are a CEO of a major clothing company and currently pay workers in your factory 1 dollar a day. You are presented with a plan that would give your employees a dignified living wage. This would significantly increase production costs but would not put you out of business. THW implement the plan.
  • R7: THBT posing for Playboy is immoral
  • Semi: THW heavily incentivise Bosnians, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina that move to areas where dominant ethnicity is other than their own
  • Final: Given the technology, THW burn obedience to criminal law in the brains of all humans


Belgrade EUDC 2012, Serbia, August 5-11

  • R1: THBT Parents Should Choose Not To Send their Children to Private Schools
  • R2: THW Give First Nations Peoples (eg. Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians) Complete Autonomous Self-Government
  • R3: THBT The Music Industry Should Not Facilitate the Comebacks of Artists Who Commit Violent Crimes
  • R4: THBT The Mexican Government Should Lift All Limits on the Military and Law Enforcement in the Fight Against Organised Crime
  • R5: THBT The ECB Should Unconditionally Buy Government Debt from Struggling Eurozone Economies
  • R6: THW Cap the Amount Corporations Can Spend in Any One Course of Litigation
  •  R7: THW Require the Military to Recruit Soldiers in Direct Proportion to the Socio-Economic Make-up of the Country
  • R8: THBT The Palestinians Should Accept Complete Demilitarisation in Immediate Return for A Sovereign State
  •  R9: THW Let Anyone Take Up Residence in Any Country, Provided They Can Show that They Will Not be an Economic Burden on that Country
  •  Open Quarter: THBT Republika Srpska Should Secede from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • ESL Quarter: TH Supports Life Sentences Without the Possibility of Parole For Serial Serious Re-Offenders
  • Open Semi: THBT Schools Should Aggressively Stream Students According to their Ability From An Early Age
  • ESL Semi: THBT The Militaries of Newly Democratised Arab Countries Should Act as Guardians of Secularism
  • ESL Final: THW Retrospectively Remove Amnesties Granted to Those Who Committed Crimes As Part of Oppressive Regimes
  • Open Final: THW Amend the US Constitution To Prohibit Any Involvement by Religious Organisation in the Electoral Process





R1: THW allow the police to use entrapment.  R2: THW use the education system to instill moral norms in children beyond mere obedience to the law.  R3: THW grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who report on work-place exploitation.  R4: THBT the gay rights movement should oppose gay marriage.


R5: THBT western liberal countries have a moral duty to spread democracy across the world using force where necessary.  R6: THBT custody hearings should not take a child’s biological parentage into account.  R7: THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients in order to create or augment a placebo effect.  ESL QF: THW allow the police to physically discipline children below the age of criminal responsibility.  QF: THW allow political parties to designate certain pre-election claims as binding promises, the breaking of which would trigger immediate fresh elections.  ESL SF: THBT countries where assisted suicide is illegal should prosecute those who assist others that travel abroad to receive euthanasia.  SF: THBT desecration of religious sites is a legitimate tactic of warfare.  ESL GF: THW remove all legal barriers to the genetic enhancement of humans.  GF: THW abolish all limits on immigration.

Round 1: This House would require people to work in return for welfare payments.

Round 2: This House believes that sporting bodies should penalise teams when their players commit criminal acts off the field.

Round 3: This House would use military force where necessary to deliver emergency aid.

Round 4: This House would make fines relative to wealth

Round 5: This house would ban the physical punishment of children by parents.

Round 6: This House believes developed countries should not accept skilled migrants from developing countries.

Round 7: This House would pay morbidly obese people to lose weight.

“Main break” quarter final:This House would ban the broadcast of recordings produced by terrorists

ESL quarter final: This House would require all schools to teach safe sex to children from age 10 regardless of parental consent

“Main break” semi final: This House would abolish income tax

ESLsemi final: This House believes the European Union should declare thatenergy security is a legitimate reason for military action

“Main break” finals: This house would ban Nazi and Soviet symbols

ESL finals: This house would allow soldiers to opt out of individual conflict for personal reasons

EFL FINAL “This house believes that the state should publish deliberate mistruths during times of war.” ESL FINAL “This house would withdraw the right to veto the accession of new members to EU.” EFL Semifinal “This House would grant the state the exclusive right to make decisions on behalf of the mentally ill.” ESL Semifinal “This House believes that the state should not fund any fertility treatments.” EFL Quarters “This House would forcibly settle the Roma.” ESL Quarters “This House would distribute development aid through religious organizations rather than the state.” Preliminary rounds: R1: “This House would take lifestyle choices into account in the allocation of scarce medical resources.” R2: “This House believes the state should prohibit all items of clothing which cover the face.” R3: “This House believes that democracy is a necessary condition for economic growth and stability (ANALYSIS)” R4: “This House believes that Turkey should invade Northern Iraq to fight Kurdish terrorist organisations.” R5: “This House would require prescription for the ‘morning-after-pill'” R6: “This House would introduce a time limit on bringing prosecutions for genocide.” R7: “This House would prosecute parents who take their children to another legal jurisdiction in order to carry out an act which is illegal in their home country.”


TTHW abolish the international criminal court


TTHB that gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care


TTHB that governments should block the foreign takeover of important companies


TTHW ban the use of evidence acquired from countries which practice torture.


TTHW ban all religious involvement in schools


TTHW remove the right to refuse medically necessary treatments



ESL Semis

TTHW allow insurance companies to consider the results of genetic tests in asessing potential customers

ESL Finals

TTHW destroy the artifacts of fallen oppressive regimes




That this house would take cult members into psychiatric care


THW grant an automatic right of asylum to women trafficked for prostitution


TTHW allow companies to refuse to hire smokers

EFL FINAL “THW Allow the Use of Racial Profiling By Police Forces.” ESL Final “THW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence” Semi Finals “THW withdraw from the Ottawa convention banning the sale of land mines.” ESL Semi Finals “THW remove the Arms Embargo on China”

Quarter Finals “THW condemn companies that seek to avoid first world regulations on human drug testing by conducting their trials in the developing world.”

Preliminary Round Motions 1. “THW make the post-mortem donation of organs compulsory without exception” 2. “THW support the right of Chechnya to secede” 3. “THBT popular referenda should not be used to ratify the EU constitution” 4. “THW prosecute the perpetrators of domestic violence without the consent of the victim” 5. “THW grant immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down” 6. “THBT the state should assist healthy people commit suicide”




Rd1: This house believes that national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population Rd2: This house believes that all states have a right to nuclear weapons Rd3: This house believes that governments should not provide benefits on the basis of marital status Rd4: This house believes that central banks should set limits on government spending Rd5: This wouse would prioritise asylum Seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes Rd6: This wouse would allow teachers unions the right to strike Rd7: This wouse would require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet Rd8: This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union Rd9: This house believes that social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change Octo: This wouse would buy countries votes in nternational organizations Qtr: This house believes that courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race Semi: This house opposes organised religion Final: This wouse would invade Zimbabwe EFL Semi: This house supports a one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict EFL Final: This wouse would give more votes to the poor ESL Qtr: This house believes that domestic courts should try foreign nationals who commit war crimes abroad ESL Semi: This wouse would prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race ESL Final: This house believes that the courts should break up consistently dominant political parties Masters Rd1: This wouse would buy local Masters Final: This house prefers a philosopher King to a tyrannical democracy

WUDC 2010 (Koc, Turkey) Motions Round 1 This house would ban labour unions.


Round 2 This house believes that developing nations should pay for the full tuition of female university students.


Round 3 This house would financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.


Round 4 THW prohibit high-ranking members of the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers from participation in the election.


Round 5 THW abolish taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that go beyond normal sales taxes.


Round 6 THW prosecute communities for complicity in honour killings.


Round 7 THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.


Round 8 THW partition Sudan.


Round 9 THW ban all pornography.


EFL Semifinals This House would use faith based rehabilitation in prison.


EFL Final This House believes that democratic states should own their own broadcasting corporations.


ESL Quarterfinals This House would ban any scheme intended to cure homosexuality


ESL Semifinals This house would allow prisoners to raise their babies behind bars.


ESL Final This house would prohibit expression that portrays convicted war criminals in a positive light.


Octofinals This house believes the West should recognise the Dali Lama


Quarterfinals This house would ban all procedures to alter one’s racial appearance.


Semifinals THB that the United States government should subsidize Twitter to liberalize oppressed societies


Grand Final THB that the media should show the full horror of war

Final : That this house would allow abortion at all stages of pregnancy Semi Final: This house believes governments should subsidise private home ownership. Qtr Final: This house believes that the international criminal court should prosecute crimes against the democratic process. Octo Final: This house would arm local militia to fight the taliban in Afghanistan. ESL Final: This house would implement quotas for domestic players in national football leagues. EFL Final: This house would prohibit all private health care. Round 9: This house would ban the publication of political opinion polls. Round 8: This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women. Round 7: This house believes that the west should recognise the independence of Abkhazia. Round 6: This house would criminalise adultery. Round 5: This house believes that China and India should bear the same obligations as the West in fighting climate change Round 4: This house would force the religious desegregation of Northern Irish schools. Round 3: This house would allow soldiers to sue their government for negligence. Round 2: This house would fire the senior managements of all corporations which receive government bailouts. Round 1: This house would ban all forms of gambling. Womens Debate: This house would ban all forms of religious gender discrimination. Adj Test: This house would allow insurance companies to view genetic test results in assessing potential customers.

Round 8 THB that governments should never rescue failing private industry.

Round 7 This House would assassinate Vladimir Putin.

Round 6 THW subject foreign political contributions to greater restrictions than domestic contributions.

Round 5 This House believes that every criminal defendant should be required to use a government provided defense lawyer.

Round 4 This House believes that the European Union should only direct aid to nations that pursue environmentally sustainable development.

Round 3 THW not allow local government to pay for the relocation of homeless people

Round 2 This House believes that Taiwan should declare independence now

Round 1 This House would allow the use of torture.

All the motions have been taken from the Global debate blog (Tuna)  (didn’t ask for permission, but as far as I know Tuna he is not mad at me :D)



Motion: This House would require doctors to report all cases of suspected domestic violence.


The motion:This House believes that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the separation of church and state.


Motion: This House believes that governments in the developing world should invest in sex tourism.


This house believes that economic growth is the solution to climate change

Semi Final

This house would ban websites that glorify eating disorders

Qtr Final

This house believes that people sentenced to life imprisonment should be allowed to choose the death penalty instead

Octo Final

This house believes that developing nation should nationalize their energy resources

Round 9

This house would grant citizenship in exchange for military service

Round 8

This house would ban Cosmetic Surgery

Round 7

This house would support regime change in Myanmar/Burma

Round 6

This house would abolish all taxes on inherited wealth

Round 5

This house supports independence for Quebec

Round 4

This house would criminalize the payment of ransom

Round 3

This House supports accelerated land redistribution in South Africa

Round 2

This house believes that the UK should abolish it’s nuclear arsenal

Round 1

This house would ban government funding of religious schools

ESL Final

This house believes that politicians have a right to a private life

ESL Semi

This house believes all serious crimes should be trialed by Jury

Masters Final

This house supports a 35 hour working week

Masters Round 1

This house would designate one city to permanently host the Olympics

Masters Round 2

This house believes that governments should provide heroin addicts with safe injection facilities

EFL Final

This house would lift sanctions on Iran









Prepared motions:

  • Round 2: This house believes that newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections
  • Round 4: This house believes that developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration
  • Round 6: This house believes that the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography
  • Round 8: This house believes that states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights
  • Grand Final: This house regrets South Africa’s decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid.
  • Preliminary Rounds – Prepared


This House would break the law to protect the rights of animals. This House would legalise performance-enhancing drugs. This House believes that the Kyoto Summit didn’t go far enough. This House believes that an International Criminal Court won’t work.

  • Preliminary Rounds – Impromptu


This House regrets the influence of Hollywood. This House fears the Millenium. This House condemns the bombing of Iraq. This House believes that governments should never restrict freedom of speech.

  • Octo-Finals


This House believes that multi-nationals are the new imperialists.

  • Quarter-Finals


This House supports the televising of criminal trials.

  • Semi-Finals


This House believes in the nuclear deterrent.

  • Grand Final


This House believes that the state has a duty to protect individuals from themselves.

  • WSDC 2001: Johannesburg, South Africa  Topics for Debate
  • “This House believes that affluent nations should accept more refugees”
  • “This House would waive patent rights for AIDS drugs for under-developed countries.”
  • “This House believes that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children.”
  • “This House would cancel third world debt”
  • Preliminary Rounds
  • “This House would ban all handguns.”
  • “This House supports the use of the death penalty.”
  • “This House disapproves of cloning.”
  • “This House believes that international sport is warfare without weapons.”
  • Octo-Finals
  • “This House would impose democracy.”
  • Quarter-Finals
  • “This House refuses to negotiate with terrorists.”
  • Semi-Finals
  • “This House would give parents the final say in medical treatment of their children.”
  • “This House believes that compensation should be paid for the injustices committed by previous generations.”
  • WSDC 2002: Singapore  Topics for Debate
  • This House believes that professionalism has ruined the Olympic Games
  • This House would maintain United States military bases in Asia
  • This House believes that free trade is the way forward
  • This House supports missile defence
  • This House believes that politicians should only be allowed to serve in office for a limited period of time
  • This House believes that low taxes are preferable to extensive government services
  • This House believes that gambling of all forms should be illegal
  • This House would make tobacco companies pay compensation to the individual
  • This House would ban genetic screening
  • This House supports the international trading of pollution permits
  • This House would compromise civil liberties in the interests of security
  • This House believes that the media has become too powerful
  • WSDC 2003: Lima, Peru  Motions
  • Preliminary Round Prepared Motions: This House would advertise prescription medicines This House believes that current intellectual property laws are a brake on progress This House believes that cultural treasures belong at home This House believes that the sovereignty of nation states is an outdated concept
  • Preliminary Round Impromptu Motions: This House believes that voting in national elections should be compulsory This House believes that sporting boycotts are a legitimate political tool This House supports voluntary euthanasia This House supports quotas for women in national parliaments This House believes in trial by jury (Bye-Round)
  • Octo-Finals This House would pay development aid direct to governments
  • Quarter-Finals: This House would legalise prostitution
  • Semi-Finals: This House believes that political decisions should not be dictated by religious beliefs
  • Grand Final: This House would end the war on drugs
  • WSDC 2004: Stuttgart, Germany  Motions
  • Preliminary Round Prepared Motions: This House believes that Turkey should join the European Union This House would make use of genetically modified crops to feed the world This House believes that trade unions impede progress This House believes that religion has no place in state schools
  • Preliminary Round Impromptu Motions: This House believes that fast food companies should pay people compensation for damaging their health This House would prosecute teenagers as adults for criminal offences This House believes that governments should protect their native languages This House condemns the influence of the music industry on today’s youth This House would do away with the Olympic Games (Bye-Round)
  • Octo-Finals: This House believes that the welfare state should be scrapped
  • Quarter-Finals: This House believes that political parties have too much influence on democratic elections
  • Semi-Finals: This House believes that globalisation perpetuates social inequity
  • Grand Final: This House believes that the world facing a clash of civilisations
  • WSDC 2005: Calgary, Canada  Motions
  • Preliminary Round Prepared Motions: This House believes that the costs of space exploration outweigh the benefits This house believes that political parties should receive state funding This House would use affirmative action in response to historical injustice This House believes that education policy should be the responsibility of local authorities
  • Preliminary Round Impromptu Motions: This House believes that censorship does more harm than good This House believes that civil marriage should be open to homosexual couples This House would negotiate with terrorists This House would not give development aid to non-democratic governments This House would ban the use of human embryos in scientific research (Bye-Round)
  • Octo-Finals: This house believes that national security should take precedence over individual rights
  • Quarter-Finals: This House believes that the first priority of criminal justice should be rehabilitation, not retribution
  • Semi-Finals: This House believes in regional trading blocs rather than global free trade
  • Grand Final: This House believes that the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council should not have veto power






























2011 World Schools Debating Championships

The following motions were debated at the 2011 Championships.  The motions for Rounds 1,

3, 5, 7 and the Grand Final were announced on 1 June 2011; all other motions were

announced one hour before the debates.

Round 1 This House would offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power

Round 2 This House would allow free distribution of music on the internet

Round 3 This House believes that Universal Primary Education is a misallocation of resources

for the developing world

Round 4 This House would make voting in national elections mandatory

Round 5 This House would legalise the sale of human organs

Round 6 This House would stop sending humans into space

Round 7 This House believes that women can only achieve equality under a secular system of


Round 8 This House would penalise sporting teams for the poor behaviour of their fans

Octo-Finals This House would abandon nuclear energy

Quarter-Finals This House supports free immigration

Semi-Final This House believes that every region should have the right to independent

statehood if a majority of its members wish

R1. THW ban all professional sports that regularly risk head trauma.

R2. THB that city councils should reject advertisements that encourage infidelity.

R3. THW prioritize refugees who share the values of the country that they are entering.

R4. THW allow actors to sue on behalf of future generations.

R5. THW ban posthumous baptism of non-members into a religion.

R6. This House supports the immunity of UN troops from local law during peacekeeping operations.

SF: THBT all religious organizations that perform marriage ceremonies should be legally obligated to perform same-sex marriages.

Novice Final (the wording here is likely not precise; apologies): Assuming the death penalty is a legitimate form of punishment, THS its use in the case of severe white collar crimes.


Final: THS a pre-emptive, offensive military campaign against Hamas with the goal of its eradication as a political and military entity

NEAO 2012 Motions


Round 1: Rights and state’s obligations

THBT gender reassignment surgery should be included in state funded medical care


Round 2: Arts

THBT the government should compensate the music industry for the losses arising out of illegal downloading


Round 3: Middle East

THS an Egyptian military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza


Round 4: Education

THBT early childhood education should undermine traditional gender roles


Round 5: The New Age

THW treat cyberattack as an act of war


Round 6: Development

THBT national governments should depopulate areas with few viable economic activities


Pre-Quarters: Africa

THBT the West should actively seek to displace Chinese investments and acquisition of Africa’s natural land and resources


Quarters: Immigration

THBT it is legitimate for States to reject immigrants who oppose the prevailing social values of the receiving State


Semi-Final: the Middle East

THW ban religious parties from participating in elections in newly democratized Arab states.


Grand Final: Social Engineering

Assuming it is possible, THW incept citizens into socially good behavior


EFL Semi-Final: Immigration

THBT states that receive refugees should be financially compensated by the country from which they came


EFL-Final: Social Engineering

Assuming it is possible, THW forcefully erase the memory of extremely traumatized patients


Test Debate: Romance


THW allow teachers to have romantic relationships with students

1. THW ban employers from accessing the criminal records of prospective employees.

2. THBT politicians should not glorify military service.


3. THW introduce a mandatory maximum working week of 40 hours.


4. THBT juries should not convict criminals who act in the public interest


5. THW defriend Facebook friends who post offensive political views.


6. THBT newly emerged democracies should ban religious parties.

QF: THBT Hook-up culture has been good for women.


SF: THBT schools should aggressively screen students from a young age.


F: thbt the USA federal govt should allow states to secede by popular referendum



Novice F: THBT it is immoral to eat meat.

UCU Open 2012 Motions

1. THW Remove All UEFA’s Limit on Football Club Spending (which includes transfer and salaries).

2. THBT the European Union should guarantee membership to regions of member states that secede from their parent state.

3. THW fund hymen reconstruction.

4. TH Regrets the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

5. THBT MGM Film Studios Should Cast a Women as the Next James Bond.

Semi: THBT Japanese Leaders are justified in honouring the Yasukuni War Shrines.


Final: You are a Liberal leaning journalist covering the White House, you have received exclusive and indisputable evidence that during his college years Barack Obama had an active gay sexual life, THW Publish the Story

Hart House 2012 Motions

University of Toronto


Final Motion: You have created the fist sentient of artificial intelligence. THBT you should destroy it.


SF motion: North Korea has just launched a successful nuclear attack on Tokyo, Japan. THS nuclear retaliation by the United States.


Quarter Final Motion – THW require religious officials to perform same-sex marriages


Round 5 – THW Invade Syria


Round 4 – THBT secluded religious communities should require their members to spend time in broader society


Round 3 – THW Break Up the Euro


Round 2 – THW constitutionally require a First Nations supreme court justice



Round 1 – THW Legalize Hate Speech

US Open 2012 Motions, Claremont Colleges, California

1. In selective cases, it is acceptable to punish the innocent to prosecute the guilty,

2. This House supports a global excise tax to fund the UN’s Millenium Development Goals.


3. National security whistleblowers do more harm than good.


4. This House supports the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions for indigenous people


5. United States cyberwarfare does more good than harm


6. The UN should permit a supermajority of members to override Security Council vetoes.


7. This House would restrict the immigration of STEM professionals to developed countries.


8. This House would use a lottery system to select representatives of marginalized groups to diversify government legislatures.

Semifinal: THBT the international community should establish ad hoc tribunals to prosecute serious labor violations.


Final: THS compulsory voting in general elections

Rochester 2012 Motions – Brad Smith Debate Tournament

1. THW not use retribuition in sentencing convicted criminals

2. THW oppose gender specific prizes and awards for professional achievements.


3. THW require training in debate as a part of a university’s core curriculum.


4. THW only allow hydraulic fracturing in areas that approve it through referendum.


5. THW launch an international human mission to Mars within 10 years


6. THBT an Arab League military force should implementr regime change in Syria.



THW prosecute media outlets who publish nude photos without the subject’s informed consent.




THBT municipalities should regulate high sugar foods and beverages.




THW not allow strikes in essential services such as education and medical care.

Roosevelt Academy Open (RA Open), Middelburg, the Netherlands, September 21-22 Motions

Roosevelt Academy Open (RA Open), Middelburg, the Netherlands, September 21-22

R1: THW abolish referenda

R2: THW not allow immigrants with illiberal values, such as homophobia, to settle in the country

R3: THW vote for Obama

R4: THBT western countries should criminalize depictions of the Prophet Muhammed

R5: THBT sport’s governing bodies, such as IOC and FIFA, should allow performance enhancing pharmaceuticals

Semi: THW not pay rural subsidies

Final: THW not use prison to punish non-violent offenders



Binus Serpong Highschool Debate Competition 2012 September 8-9 Indonesia

Prepared motions for the Binus Serpong Highschool Debate Competition 2012, held on September 8 and 9 in Indonesia.

THW allow people to sell any of their organs

THBT the existence of minors in social networking sites are more harmful than beneficial

THW ban abstinence-only sex education

THBT every able-bodied man must serve for the military for a period of time

THW enforce IPR (intellectual property rights) in developing countries

THBT parents should be held criminally responsible if their children commit repeat offenses

THW give harsher punishment to convicted public officials

THW impose one-child policy on third-world countries



Red Sea Open 2012 Motions

Red Sea Open    Eilat, Israel, September 2-6

R1    This house, as Germany, would immediately cease all reparations to the State of Israel

R2    THW incentivize employers to hire non-college graduates

R3    THBT decisions on the legalisation, banning, or limiting of substances, including, but not limited to narcotics, tobacco & alcohol should be left to panels of experts rather than to elected representatives

R4     THW require any journalist working for a print,TV or radio news organization to have a government.-issued license

R5    THW force anyone suspected of being a ‘stolen child’ [under the Argentinian military junta 1976-1983]  to undergo DNA testing to establish whether they are indeed stolen children and then make the results public

R6    THW require all isolated religious communities (eg. Hasidic Jews, Jehova’s Witnesses) to give all 18-year-olds a ‘Rumspringa’ [Amish tradition of sending off 18-y.-olds to live in outside world for 1 year, after which they may chose to return or not]

Semi    THBT all Government Policy Should Follow the Strict Logic of Maximizing Total Happiness

Final    THBT the State of Israel should immediately and publicly end all attempts to capture or kill Nazi war criminals




Phyxius English Debating Championship 2012 [MOTIONS]


Prepared motions for the 7th Phyxius English Debating Championship 2012 hosted by the Phyxius English Association in Indonesia.


International Issues

THBT ASEAN countries should give sanction to Myanmar


THBT EU should lift its sanctions against Iran



THBT liberals have a moral duty to abstain from marriage until gay marriage is legalized

THBT UN should sanction its member countries who commit prosecution of LBGTQ

THW ban gay conversion therapy



THW allow all countries to have nuclear weapons

TH supports a one-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict

THW stop the military efforts of combating terrorism and opt for negotiation instead



THW only grant welfare payments for families with a maximum of two children

THBT the state should never impose a salary cap for CEOs

THW give tax breaks for labor-intensive companies




3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships 2012

Motions for the 3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships 2012 at Anglo Singapore International School, Bangkok, Thailand.


R1: THBT the Eurozone should harmonize its debt through Eurobonds

R2: THBT states should not compensate individuals who choose to live in disaster areas

R3: THW make the protection of human rights a condition for receiving developmental aid

R4: TH supports rehabilitation over retribution for juveniles

R5: THW sign an international treaty banning Cyber warfare

R6: THW require schools to stop teaching a gender normative* curriculum** (*Based upon societal stereotype of traditional gender rules. **Courses, subject matter and activities.)

R7: THW ban all religions from actively seeking conversions

OF: [Governance] THBT a strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy

QF: [Wealth Distribution] THBT income equality should be prioritized over economic growth

SF: [Syria] THBT military intervention is justified to protect civilians from the state

GF: THBT Corporations are not people


1.    THBT Examinations are not a true test of knowledge. Or THBT TESTING IS THE ENEMY OF LEARNING


2.    THW Ban international adoption.


3.    THW Ban single sex schools


4.     THBT Crimes committed by police should be punished more severely.


5.    This house would enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.


6.    THBT We should not give money to beggars.


7.     THW Legalize multi-partner marriages for both men and women


8.    THBT The UN should hire Private Military Contractors for its military operations.


9.    THW Require politicians to send their children to public schools.


10.  THW implement a one child policy in countries where the average age is very low.


11.  THW Allow wildlife refuges to sell valuable animal parts.


12.  THW End compulsory education in developing countries.


13.  THBT African Union states should stop cooperating with the ICC.


14. THW recognize that animals have some rights.


15. Voting should be obligatory.


16. We should lower the voting age to 16.


17. Representative democracy has failed us.


18. Invalidate any election result with a turnout below 70%


19. Allow minors who pass a test on civics to vote


20. Parents should have access to their children’s social networking sites.


21. This house believes that zoos should be eliminated


22. This house believes that elective cosmetic surgery should be banned


23. This house believes that doctors should never lie to their patients, including for their own good


24. Allow companies to refuse hiring smokers


25. This house believes that people sentenced to life imprisonment should be allowed to choose the death penalty instead


26. Criminalize the payment of ransom


27. Ban boxing


28. Parents should not be allowed to hit children


29. Have harsher sentences for celebrity criminals


30. Public money should not be used to finance art


31. We should be willing to negotiate with terrorists


32.  Nationalism is a virtue


33. Child abusers should not be allowed to have more children


34. Every citizen should be provided with internet access


35. We should lower the voting age to 16.


36. E-elections would increase the participation of youth.


37. The democratic potential of the Internet is overvalued.


38. There would be no Arabic spring without the Internet.


39. A conscious consumer does more than a voter to make the world a better place.


40. Children should be excluded from any religion until adulthood


41. Offer immediate EU candidate status to North African states on the precondition of democratic transition


42. We support parents who secretly install spyware on their children’s electronic devices.


43. Install condom vending machines in all high schools.


44. The exploration and development of outer space should be done by an international organization.


45. We should not force children to sing the national anthem in schools


46. Require large online social networks to be controlled democratically by their users.


47. Allow minors who pass a test on civics to vote


48.  This house would bring back death penalty.


49.  This house would prohibit the media from using software to cosmetically improve an individual’s appearance.


50. This house would allow the creation of donor siblings.


51. This house believes that hacking is an acceptable form of protest against large corporations.


52. This house believes that America and the EU should cease all financial, political and military support to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority until they reach a peace agreement.


53. This house would legally require priests to report all serious crimes that they hear of in confessions.


54. This house would ban all EU arms companies from selling arms outside the EU


55. This house would require persons who work in the media to wait four years before running for public office or working for the government


56. This house believes that the West should promise preferential economic and political cooperation to Arab democracies that adopt secular constitutions.


57. This house believes that all countries have the right to possess nuclear weapons


58. This house would authorize nudism on beaches and in public pools


59. Romantic relationships between university instructors and their students should be illegal.


60. The state should prohibit all items of clothing that cover the face.


61. This house believes in the universal right to bear arms


62. Ban all religious involvement in schools


63. European governments should pay parents to have children.


64. Supports indigenous persons convicted of a crime being sentenced by their community and not the courts


65. Women should get an equal position in war with men


66. All citizens ought to perform a period of national service


67. High school students’ right to confidentiality is of greater value than their parents’ right to know.


68. THW broadcast executions.


69. Marriage is an outdated concept




Heart of Europe Schools Tournament – Impromptu

Here is the full list of impromptu motions from preliminary rounds of Heart of Europe 2012:

A. Motions on Sport and Health

1. This House believes that we should establish one permanent centre for the Olympic Games to be held each Olympiad.

2. This House believes that the manufacture and sale of tobacco should be made illegal.

3. This House considers that many professional sportsmen are grossly ov



B. Motions on Education

1. This House believes that all Mainstream Secondary Schools should provide Esperanto as their first Foreign Language.

2. This House believes that school History should only be taught from an international perspective.

3. This House believes that Physical Education should only be an optional for students over the age of 18.


C. Motions on Crime and Punishment

1. This House believes that there are some crimes for which Life Imprisonment without the possibility of Parole is an appropriate punishment.

2. This House believes that the right to self defence should include the right to use firearms against house breakers.

3. This House believes that the wearing of full burqa, hijab jilbab or niqad in public should be outlawed.


D. International Motions

1. This House believes that no Nations in the UN Security Council should have the right of veto .

2. This House believes that there can be no hope of lasting peace in the Middle East until Israel withdraws to its boundaries of 1967.

3. This House believes that China should be exiled from the community of nations until it recognizes the full sovereignty of Tibet.




Motions – 2nd China National High School Debating Championships 2012

Debate Motions:

Round 1     Women’s Issues


This House would promote women higher and faster in employment situations as a matter of government policy.

Round 2    Arts

This House would make public funding for the arts available for the production of video games.

Round 3  Education

This House would test teachers regularly.

Round 4  Rights

This House would encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights.

Round 5  Popular Culture

This House would teach the appreciation of popular culture in schools.

Round 6  Medical Ethics

This house would criminalize healthcare workers who flee from work during a contagious epidemic.

Round 7  Social Dilemmas

This House believes that, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the State for scientific use, or for organ donation, depending on necessity.

Round 8   Sexuality

This House would ban clinics that claim to cure homosexuality.

Octo-Finals:   International Affairs

This House believes that the U.S. should stop the use of military drones in Pakistan.

Quarter-Finals:  Criminal Justice

This House would ban the hiring of private criminal defence lawyers.

Semi-Finals:  Religion

This House believes that States should no longer support, fund or operate religious schools.

Grand Final  Politics

This House would ban corporations from donating to political campaigns.

Reserve Motions:

1.  Media

This House would ban advertisements which affirm gender roles.

2.  Good Governance

This House believes that it is acceptable for politicians to personally profit from their positions of governmental power.

3.  Environment

This House would subsidize eco-friendly consumer choices.




Business & Corporation Ethics

THBT inappropriate posts made on social networking sites is a legitimate basis to terminate employment of workers

THW ban companies from advertising their products in a sexualized manner

THW prohibit company owners to employ their family members, regardless the position



THBT Indonesian public schools should be obliged to teach all religions to its students regardless of their beliefs

THBT students should have a power in determining the curriculum in their school

THW punish schools that rejects students with special needs


Animal Rights and Welfare

THBT nations that allows whaling should prohibit its by-products to be imported to other countries

THW shut down all forms of puppy mills

THW establish a National Pet Ownership Registry




Australasians 2010 Motions

Round 1: Religion

That we should prevent parents from raising their children in a particular religious faith

That governments should refuse to recognise Scientology as a religion

That it should be a crime to insult religions

Round 2: Sport

That we should ban the international trade in sportspeople under the age of 18

That we should ban the private ownership of professional sporting clubs

That all countries competing in the Olympics should have to include male and female athletes

Round 3: Australia (and New Zealand)

That New Zealand and Australia should remove the Fiji Government by force

That New Zealand and Australia should place no restrictions migrants from Pacific countries, other than those relating to health and security

That we support granting land rights to indigenous peoples as a means of redressing historical injustice

Round 4: Families

That infidelity should be a factor in the financial resolution of divorce

That senior citizens should be financially supported (when required) by their adult children

That courts should refuse to recognise pre-nuptial agreements

Round 5: Asia

That the US should not sell arms to Taiwan

That China should abolish the ‘one child’ policy

That the Philippines should have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the crimes of the Arroyo administration instead of criminal trials

Round 6: Liberty, Freedom and Choice

That we should prohibit the labelling of products as ‘fair trade’

That we should prohibit discrimination in the labour market on the basis of physical attractiveness

That we should end all government funding for health, education, and police measures that aim to prevent suicide

Round 7: La Vieille Europe

That the US should withdraw its military bases from Europe

That we should say, au revoir, tot ziens, and, finally, partition Belgium

That Turkish admission to the EU should be contingent upon a full recognition of the Armenian genocide

Round 8: The Law

That all defendants and victims in sexual assault trials should have their identity protected until a verdict is reached

That socially progressive movements should use the courts to advance social change

That we should prohibit private prisons

Octo-finals: Learning

That we should ban homeschooling

That we support the use of school vouchers

That we should link funding of schools to performance in standardised exams

Quarter-finals: Democracy

That we should ban professional political lobbyists

That the leaders of parliamentary parties should be chosen by party members rather than their parliamentary colleagues

That individuals should be able to sell their vote

ESL Semi-finals: Health

That we should stop the search for the ‘gay gene’

That we should abolish private health insurance

That we should ban non-essential cosmetic surgery

Semi-finals: Tax and Equality

That there should be a constitutional limit on the regressiveness of the tax system

That income tax levels should be determined by the relative privilege of an individual’s upbringing

That we should use the tax system to subsidise the ownership of major businesses by members of disadvantaged social minorities

ESL Grand Final: Immigration

That we should auction the right to immigrate

That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship

That ASEAN should allow free and open movement of labour within its borders

Grand Final

That the West should immediately withdraw from Afghanistan

That the right to a minimum standard of living should be legally enforceable in developed countries

That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution of ‘crimes against the earth’




Malaysia Debate Open Motions

2nd Malaysia Debate Open 2010

Test Debate

THBT sober passengers of drunk drivers should be held criminally liable.

Round 1 :Natural Disaster


THW arrest but not charge looters in Chile

THBT aid to reconstruct disaster areas should be exclusively given to local contractors

THW help victims of major disasters regardless of consent from the country affected

Round 2 : Malaysia


THW forgive the student loan debt of all individuals who commit to a career in public education

THW not allow any race-based societies in universities

THBT 3 months is too short for National Service/THW extend the National Service

Round 3 : Sports


This House believes that professional cheerleading harms women’s rights

THW disallow exclusive broadcasting rights of the world cup

THW limit the wages of Footballers

Round 4 : The Individual in the state


THW Ban Dual Citizenships

THW abolish state-endorsed marriage.

THBT Plea-bargaining erodes the criminal justice system

Round 5 : East or West Government?


THBT China’s Internet censorship is a legitimate tool for stability

THBT The west should arm local Burmese militias

THBT Obama’s Health Care Plan is un-American

Round 6 : Middle east


TH Condemns Israel for including sites within the Palestinian Territory as their heritage

THBT Southern Yemen should declare Independence

THW allow candidates linked to Saddam Hussein to stand in the upcoming Iraqi Elections

Octo-Finals : Environment/animal rights


THW Free Willy (the Killer Whale)

THW arm the indigenous to fight illegal loggers

THW allow Japan to commercialize whaling if they accept a moratorium on bluefin Tuna

Quarter-Finals : Teenagers


THW Ban surgery for teenagers for the purpose of inducing weight loss.

THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnant mothers.

THW force sperm banks to reveal the identity of sperm donors upon request of the offspring upon reaching the age of consent

Semi-Finals : Geo-Bloody Politics


THW Grant developmental aid to African countries on condition they nationalize natural resources.

THBT The EU should stop supporting US led wars until they ratify the ICC

THW not sanction Iran until Israel’s Nuclear Program is subjected to IAEA Inspections

Grand Final


THW Completely Ban Smoking




Motions from Binghamton 2010


1.    THW ban for-profit universities


2.    THW allow wildlife park officials to sell parts of animals who have died natural deaths


3.    THB that the parents of morbidly obese children should be charged with child abuse


4.    THW reduce prison sentences in exchange for convicts gaining educational qualifications.


5.    THW allow people to sell their votes.


6.    THW require independent professional accreditation of all individuals who receive compensation for providing political commentary in the media.


Quarters: THW grant dolphins, porpoises and whales rights equivalent to those of human children.


Semis: THW ban the creation of artificial life.


Finals: THW make all middle schools and high schools single gender







Istanbul Open 2010 Motions

The motions of the tournament were:

Round 1: This House believes that states should not fund national sport teams.

Round 2: This House would make development aid to overcrowded countries conditional to population control measures.

Round 3: This House believes that international law should prohibit the use of unmanned fighting vehicles.

Round 4: This House would not allow corporations to sue libel or slander.

Round 5: This House would ban its citizens from visiting countries with dictatorial or repressive regimes whose economies depend on tourism.

Round 6: This House would pay religious organizations or individuals to convert people in areas of social deprivation.

Semi: This House would make TV and radio stations legitimate military targets.

Final: This House would abandon fixed-term sentences and would instead release prisoners upon rehabilitation.




Motions from East Debate Institute 2010



THW oppose all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for 10 years.



This House will regret the International Court of Justice’s recent decision on Kosovo independence.



That courts should refuse to recognize pre-nuptial agreements.



That we should end all government funding for health, education, and police measures that aim to prevent suicide.



That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship



That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution of ‘crimes against the earth’.



THW grant higher primates rights equivalent to those of human children.



THW allow police warrantless searches of mobile phones.



THBT employers who fail to respect the principle of equal opportunities should lose their jobs.

Hong Kong Debate Open Motions

HKDO 2010 Motions

Round 1: This house would force corporations to produce advertisement that feature only people who represent the region they are advertising in.

Round 2: This house believes that awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo will harm the human rights situation in China rather than improve it.

Round 3: This house would not allow law enforcement officers to impersonate minors online to entrap pedophiles.

Round 4: This house would ban artificial reproductive technologies (such as IVF, Sperm banks, surrogacy, etc.) to force people to adopt.

Round 5: This house would recruit rebel soldiers into state armies once conflicts are concluded.

Round 6: This house believes that in the event of natural disasters in areas prone to those disasters, the state should only provide reconstruction aid to people that agree to relocate to safer areas.

Quarter Final: This house believes that governments should subsidize private house ownership

Semi Final: This house would subject religions to anti-gender-discrimination laws.

Grand Final: This house support the violent removal of corrupt officials by citizens in the weak democracies.


Northeast Asian Open in Macau 2010 Motions


R1: THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be penalized for child abuse.

R2: THBT China should support United Nation sanctions on North Korea.

R3: THBT energy companies of developed countries operating in developing countries should adhere to the environmental standards of their countries of origin.

R4: THBT EU should sanction its members for denying practice of religious freedom in public.

R5: THW ban beneficiaries of public welfare from entering casinos.

EFL Semi: THW allow the Taliban to join the elections as a legitimate party.

EFL Final: THBT Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded in recognition of individuals who have already brought peace.

Quarter-Final: THBT African Union should monitor and be responsible for the security in Somalian waters.

Semi-Final: THW shut down websites of political bloggers that spread lies.

Grand-Final: THBT drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.


Yale 2010 Motions

1. This House supports the payment of reparations to descendants of slaves

2. This House would criminalize depictions of the prophet Mohammed.

3. This house believes that democracies should ban political parties with militant wings from participating in elections.

4. This House believes that western liberal democracies should use busing to end socioeconomic segregation in schools.

5. This house would criminalize the consensual spreading of AIDS.

Quarters: This House supports fiscal austerity measures.

Semis: This house believes that parliamentary democracies in developing countries should impose quotas for disadvantaged minorities in legislative membership.

Finals: ??


Hart House IV 2010 Motions

1 – Thw would never conscript its citizens

2 – THB that Quebec should field its own national sports teams.

3 – This House opposes Valentine’s Day.

4 – This House supports a united Ireland.

5 – This House supports shorter jail sentences for aboriginal offenders.

Q – This House supports a constitutional role in government for the Pakistani military.

S – THS positive discrimination in favor of male educators.

F – TH prefers an equal society to a rich one.




Singapore Debate Open Motions 2010


Rd 1: THW charge schools with neglience if their students commit

suicide due to peer pressure

Rd 2: THW give a rebate to people for preventative health measures

Rd 3: THW abolish patents for green technology

Rd 4: THW make aid to African organizations conditional on their

endorsement of contraception

Rd 5: THW introduce an EU-wide system of quota for asylum seekers

Quarters: THW include minor(s) in juries for trials for crimes

involving minors

Semis: THBT the UN should hire private military companies for


Final: THBT the right to free speech extends to offending religion





Motions from US Open at Claremont 2010

1. This House opposes birthright citizenship

2. Human caused environmental catastrophes should be classified as crimes against humanity.

3. It is unethical for corporate executives to earn more than their workers.


4. Africa should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council


5. Governments should collect the DNA data of arrested persons.


6. Insulting a religion should be considered hate speech.


7. This House would deny the right to strike


8. In cases involving the death penalty it is unethical for jurors to apply the law.

d 1 – THB that health care is a privilege not a right.

Round 2 –

Round 3 – THB that states should prioritize highly specialized worker visas over family visas.

Round 4 – This House believes that lotteries generate more harm for the state than good.

Round 5 – This House would try Sarah Palin for incitement.

Round 6 – This House believes that the right to vote cannot be rescinded for any criminal action.

Quarterfinals – THB that Haiti should not try Jean Claude Duvallier.

Semifinals – THBT in certain cases the state has the obligation to racially profile.

Finals – This House believes that corporations have the right to ban their employees from having children.


Moscow Open 2010 Motions

Moscow Open 2010 motions

R1 – THW make bosses criminally liable for the corruption of their subordinates

R2 – THW introduce quotas limiting migration to overpopulated areas

R3 – TH regrets the existence of WikiLeaks

R4 – THW require paid parental leave to be shared equally between both parents

R5 – THW ban the advertising of non-FMCG using human images

Semi – THBT China should bring about regime change in North Korea

Final – THW ban all alcohol without exceptions in Russia

Zagreb Open 2010 Motions


R1: THW refuse artificial insemination to single women (maybe the wording was “ban”, will check later)

R2: THBT a morning of awkwardness is always better than a night of loneliness

R3: THBT Wikileaks is a threat to global security

R4: THW only fund university programs that contribute to states’ economy

Semifinal: THBT WTO members should trade in SDR

Grand Final: THBT bribery is a legitimate tool of policy making



Pan African Debating Championship 2010 Motions

1.THW tax churches which make a profit

2.THB governments should not fund art forms of foreign origin


3.THW establish an independent African electoral commission to run national elections on the continent


4.THW not allow fast food companies to give toys away with unhealthy meals


5.THW not allow fast food companies to give toys away with unhealthy meals


6.THB prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV is a better investment than anti-retroviral therapy.


7.THB Associated Press should deny Ugandan media access to their wire service if they continue to publish lists of alleged homosexuals.


Octo-finals motion: THB South Africa should secure the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe


Quarter-finals motion: THW apologise for Arab colonialism in Africa


Semi-finals: THB WikiLeaks does more harm to an open society than good




Northeast Season Opener 2012, Binghamton University Motions

Northeast Season Opener 2012, Binghamton University, September 2012

CA Jame Hardy, Vermont; DCA Paul Gross, Cornell

1. THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports


2. THW offer shortened prison sentences in exchange for military service


3. THW abolish the minimum wage during recessions


4. thb that women’s rights groups should not campaign against abortion


5. th regrets the strong social norms in favor of lifelong monogamy


6. THW link development aid to the existence of free and fair elections.


THBT the media should substantially limit the coverage of shooting incidents


THW pay war reparations to North Korea



THBT Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China’s acquisition of Africa’s land and resources

50th US Air Force Academy Motions

50th US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 2012

1. THBT stolen cultural artifacts should be returned to their place of origin.


2. This House would ban elective cosmetic surgery


3. THBT the American presidential nomination process should adopt a single one-day national primary.


4. THBT Palestinians should accept complete demilitarization in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.


5. THBT Disney should make an animated motion picture with a clearly gay protagonist.


6. THBT the UN should implement a “no fly zone” in Syria



THBT upon death, everyone’s body should revert to the state for the purposes of organ donation or scientific use depending on need.





THW tax products based on their ecological footprint



THBT the EU should become a federal republic – a United States of Europe





Red Sea Open Motions 2010

R1: This house would actually build a mosque in Ground Zero

R2: This house believes that state subsidy for higher education should priorities students

whose parents did not have higher education

R3: This house would allow the use of lethal force against intruders in defense of property.

R4: This house would not have a Facebook profile

R5: This house, which is China, would cease all political and economic support to North Korea

R6: This house believes that environmental terrorism is morally justified

SF: This house believes that multi national corporations should trade with rebel groups, and in the areas they control



F: This house would ban all forms of Missionary activity in Israel



Heat 1 “This house believes Israeli policy is the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East” Heat 2 “This house believes that global security demands a McCain victory” Heat 3 “This House regrets the demise of the Progressive Democrats” Heat 4 “This house would ban the eating of meat” Heat 5 “This house would ban recreational air travel” Heat 6 “This house would refuse to fund the Arts” Heat 7 “This house would end all private political donations” Heat 8 “This house believes in retributive justice” Heat 9 “This house would introduce compulsory community service.” Heat 10 “This house believes earning a licence should be necessary to vote” Heat 11 “This house would fund science at all costs” Heat 12 “This house would jail parents for the crimes of their children” Heat 13 “This house would no longer pick up the tab for those living unhealthy lives” Heat 14 “This house believes the time to fund RTE is at an end.” Heat 15 “This house would join a European Army” Heat 16 “This house believes the Celtic Tiger took away more than it ever gave”


1. THW lift the international ban on whaling 2. THW mandate the use of condoms in pornography 3. THW introduce a salary cap for European footballers 4. THBT Russia should compulsorily renationalise its oil and gas industries 5. THBT people who refuse to accept jobs which require them to remove religious dress should not recieve unemployment benefit

ESL Semi: THW make English the single working language of the EU ESL Final: THBT the outing of public figures is a legitimate tactic of the gay rights movement

Main Quarter: THBT fault should be a factor in the awarding of court ordered divorce settlements Main Semi: THBT western nations should buy opium from Afghan farmers for morphine production


Main Final: THBT doctors should inform parents before carrying out abortions on under 16s


This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones. 

This house would allow the production of generic drugs 

This House Believes the International Criminal Court is a force for good. 

This House believes democracy can be built as a result of interventions 

This House believes that music that glorifies violence against women should be banned. 


Amy Robinson

This House would ban child performers 


Jordan Webber

This House believes in a global language 

This House would ban religious symbols in public buildings 

This house would introduce mandatory salary capping 

That The UK Should Have a Written Constitution 

This house believes that newspapers are thing of the past 


Robert Wright

This house believes that the United States should be isolationist 

This House would expand the United Nations Security Council 

This house believes that the press should be able to publish allegations about private lives without consent 


Robert Wright

This House would introduce minimum pricing on alcohol sales. 

This House prefers trade to aid 

This House would make all parents attend parenting classes 

This house would adopt the alternative vote 


Charlotte R Jones

This House would protect aboriginal culture 

This house believes that hosting the Olympics is a good investment 

This house would impose an estate tax 

This house believes that animals have rights. 

This house believes in global free trade. 

This House believes we’re too late on global climate change 

This house would legalize polygamy 

This house would continue funding attempts to contact Extra-terrestrial life 

This house believes NAFTA has benefitted all parties involved. 

This House would strike out three-strikes laws 

That all states should immediately ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families. 

This House believes that elected representatives should not hold any additional posts while serving in government 

This house believes that the EU should offer a closer partnership with Mediterranean countries 

This house would recognise the International Criminal Court 

This house would allow military recruitment in schools 

This House would adopt proportional representation 

This House would disband ASEAN 

This House would introduce child curfews 

This house would abolish plea bargaining 

This house believes the unemployed should be made to work for their welfare money 

This House favours a common EU foreign policy 

This house would subsidize biofuels 

This House believes states should offer citizenship to all children born in that state 

This house believes extra-curricular activities in schools should be formally recognised. 

This house believes children should have legal obligations towards parents after adulthood. 

This house would enter a united football team for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Olympics 


Robert Wright

This House believes that democratic governments should require voters to present photo identification at the polling station. 


Jesse Towsen

This house believes that Anarchism is a valuable political ideology 

This House believes the Mexico-US border fence is justified 

This house supports home schooling 

This house believes poetry is an unnecessary burden for schools. 

This House believes reality television does more harm than good

This House would devolve power to an English Parliament 

This house would raise the legal driving age to 18 

This House would explore the universe 

This house Would Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility 

This house believes states are justified in waging war in response to terrorist acts 

This House would encourage the creation of private universities in the UK 

This house believes the Olympic dream is dead, and has been since Atlanta in 1996 

This house would create a national lottery 

This house believes Macs are better than PCs 

This house Would Lift the Ban on Ivory Trading 

This house believes that full-body scanners are worthwhile 

This House would enforce term limits on the executive branch of government 

This House believes mothers should stay at home and look after their children. 


Amy Robinson

This House would ban sexist advertising 


Ronna Liggett

This house calls for the introduction of two-year degrees as standard 

This House believes that history has no place in the classroom 

This house believes we should strive for immortality 

This House believes science is a threat to humanity 

This House would detain terror suspects without trial 

This House would support international adoption 

This House would impose democracy 


Isabel Patkowski

This House would hold a referendum on UK membership in the EU 


Marjorie Connolly

This House would privatize the supply of water. 

This House would put more women in parliament 

This house would bring back corporal punishment 

This House would ban the use of Digital Rights Management technologies 

This House believes homosexuals should be able to adopt. 

This house would restrict violent video games 

This house Would Name and Shame Sex Offenders

This House would embrace multiculturalism

This House would drive to an out of town shopping centre

This house believes sanctions should be used to promote democracy

This house would teach creationism in schools

This House believes that Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza

This House would detain people on grounds of mental health


Amy Robinson

This House believes that God exists

This house would further restrict smoking

This house would maintain the ban on nuclear weapons testing

This House is dreaming of a white Christmas. (Junior)

This house would subsidise the arts

This house Would reintroduce Corporal Punishment in Schools

This house would make physical education compulsory

This House believes that there should be a legally mandated ceiling on weekly working hours.

This House believes the Arab Spring revolutions can create stable democracies.

This house would freeze the United Nations budget

This House would ban boxing.


Jesse Towsen

This house supports selective education

This House believes that advertising is harmful

This House would simplify the English Language

This House would make home ownership affordable.


Annie Jackson

This House believes homosexuals should be able to adopt.

This house would restrict violent video games

This house Would Name and Shame Sex Offenders

This House would embrace multiculturalism

This House would drive to an out of town shopping centre

This house believes sanctions should be used to promote democracy

This house would teach creationism in schools

This House believes that Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza

This House would detain people on grounds of mental health


Amy Robinson

This House believes that God exists

This house would further restrict smoking

This house would maintain the ban on nuclear weapons testing

This House is dreaming of a white Christmas. (Junior)

This house would subsidise the arts

This house Would reintroduce Corporal Punishment in Schools

This house would make physical education compulsory

This House believes that there should be a legally mandated ceiling on weekly working hours.

This House believes the Arab Spring revolutions can create stable democracies.

This house would freeze the United Nations budget

This House would ban boxing.


Jesse Towsen

This house supports selective education

This House believes that advertising is harmful

This House would simplify the English Language

This House would make home ownership affordable.


Annie Jackson

This House believes that the UN should restrict arms sales to rogue nations.


Annie Jackson

This house believes that capitalism is better than socialism

This house Believes People Should Not Keep Pets

This house would tax aviation fuel.


Annie Jackson

This House would repatriate all illegal immigrants

This House believes european NATO member governments should significantly reduce their armed forces

This house believes Sperm and egg donors should retain their anonymity

This house would grant the EU a permanent seat on the UN Security Council


Alex Helling

Daniël Schut

This house would create a UN standing army

This house would deny smokers access to state healthcare.

This house would promote democratization

This House believes wild animals should not be kept in captivity

This house would ban smoking in public spaces


Jordan Webber

This house would prohibit retailers from selling certain items at a loss as a marketing device.

This House would criminalise the payment of ransoms

This House believes the private lives of public figures should be open to press scrutiny.


Robert Wright

This House believes that cannabis should be legalised

This House believes Britain should join the Euro currency

This house would allow retailers to import for resale “grey” goods from abroad.

This house Would enforce term limits on the legislative branch of government

This house would make voting compulsory

This House would remove United States military bases from Japan

This house would use force to protect human rights abroad


Pamela Cohn

This house believes parents should be able to choose the sex of their children

This House would ban the display of the Confederate flag on public property.

This House supports the death penalty


Riva Gold

This house would abolish intellectual property rights

This House would prohibit burining the stars and stripes

This house believes self-determination of peoples is a human right


Andrew Hume

This House would introduce goal line technology in football


Charlotte R Jones

This house would ban cosmetic surgery

This House would only teach abstinence for sex education in schools

This house would abolish the security council veto


Mark Dellora

This House would restrict advertising aimed at children


Robert Wright

This house would allow gay couples to marry

This house would have a criminal DNA database

This House would reintroduce national service


Mark Dellora

This house would give to charity

This House would compensate the descendants of slaves

JUNIOR This house Would Ban School Uniforms


Jordan Webber

This house believes the internet encourages democracy

This house would not allow schools to display the Ten Commandments

This house would limit the right to trial by jury in some criminal cases.


Isabel Patkowski

This house would end national testing

This house believes that Federal States are better than unitary nations


Gareth Williams

This House believes all nations have a right to nuclear weapons

This house would introduce tougher punishments for child offenders

This house would encourage offshore drilling

This House wants a line-item veto amendment


Alex Helling

Alastair Endersby

This house supports the creation of single-race public schools

This house would allow prisoners to vote


Mark Dellora

This House would hold a referendum on any new EU treaty


Grace Coleman

This house believes that the payment of welfare benefits to parents should be tied to their children’s school attendance records

This House believes the United Nations has a responsibility to protect.

This house believes that states should not subsidise the growing of tobacco

This House would replace Christmas with a festival for everyone


Robert Wright

This house Would Allow the Patenting of Genes

This house believes that the Catholic Church is justified in forbidding the use of barrier methods of contraception.

This house would ban all unsustainable logging

This House would go nuclear


Charlotte R Jones

This house believes in a right to self-defense

This House would build high rises for housing

This House would ban homework

This House would introduce a Tobin tax.


Annie Jackson

This house would make the UN a world government

This House would punish parents who smoke in the presence of their children


Jordan Webber

This house would develop tactical nuclear weapons


John Engle

This house would assassinate dictators

This House believes the teaching of literary classics should be compulsory

This house believes in the woman’s right to choose

This House would scrap the double jeopardy rule

This House would cancel developing world debt

This House would ban smacking

This House favours multilateral aid.


Annie Jackson

This House would ban female genital mutilation.

This House Believes that assisted suicide should be legalized


Stephanie Clayton

This House would abolish agricultural subsidies


Alexander Cavell

This House believes atheism is the only way

This House believes attorney-client privilege should be abolished

This House Would Ban junk food from schools.

This House believes the ‘classics’ (Latin & Ancient Greek) should be taught in schools.


Amy Robinson

This House Would Distribute Condoms in Schools (Junior)

This house believes the practice of extraordinary rendition a useful and necessary policy in the fight against terrorism.

This House believes in the use of affirmative action

This House supports protection of the French Language in the face of Franglais

This House Would Abolish nuclear weapons


Mark Dellora

This House would cease exploitation of the Antarctic continent


Amy Robinson

This House would ban animal testing

This House would ban the development of genetically modified organisms

This House would ban alcohol

Abolish statutes of limitations on all felonies

This House Would Place Cameras in Courtrooms to Televise Court Cases

This House believes in Santa Claus

This House Would Exempt Celebrities from National Service (in South Korea)


Nick Bibby

This House would ban gambling

This House believes the House of Lords should be reformed


Grace Coleman

This House believes that parents should be held responsible for their school-going children’s discipline problems.

This House believes that Israel’s 2008-2009 military operations against Gaza were justified


Jordan Anderson

This House believes that countries with an imbalanced male/female ratio skewed towards males should encourage parents to produce girls.

This House would allow the use of electronic and internet voting in state-organised elections

This House would create a single European Union army

This House would force feed sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa


Alexis Hearnden

Monika Sobocan

Alex Helling

This House would allow parents to genetically screen foetuses for heritable diseases

This House would kill one to save many


Sean Husband

This House would make lessons in a foreign language compulsory for school pupils

This House would decriminalise sadomasochism

This House believes that it is sometimes right for the government to restrict freedom of speech


James Laurenson

This House Believes That Israel’s West Bank Settlements are an Obstacle to Peace

This House believes that the West should invade Syria

This House believes that tibet should be an independent state

This house believes that developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change than developing countries

This house believes the Upper House should be accountable to the people


Daniël Schut

This House Believes the US is Justified in Using Force to Prevent States From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

This House would make all museums free of charge

This House supports mandatory sentencing

This House supports the development of a missile defence system


John Engle

This House would bailout journalism.


Nick Bibby

This House believes that open primaries are the most effective method of selecting candidates for elections

This House believes that people should have a right to private education


Amy Robinson

This house would censor hate speech on campus

This House Would Raise The School Leaving Age To 18

This House would permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports

This House believes that Russia needs strong leadership


Elitsa Pavlova

This House would re-engage with Myanmar

This House Would Create a National High Speed Rail System in the U.S.

This House would give illegal immigrants drivers licenses


Pamela Cohn

This House would make sex education mandatory in schools

This House Would introduce a flat tax


Jordan Anderson

This House would abolish congressional earmarks


Alex Helling

Alastair Endersby

This House supports security profiling at airports


Jordan Anderson

Alexander Cavell

This House would act to regulate the activities of Sovereign Wealth Funds


Alex Helling

Alastair Endersby

This House would buy locally produced food

This House would return cultural property residing in museums to its place of origin

This House would close Guantanamo Bay detention centre


Jordan Anderson

This House would allow cohabiting couples who wish to end their relationships to request that the courts supervise the division of their property

This House believes that hate crime ‘enhancements’ are unjust


Jordan Anderson

This House would drop the sanctions against Cuba.


Alex Helling

This House would hold students legally responsible for bullying if it resulted in the victim’s death

This House would use torture to obtain information from suspected terrorists.


Alexander Cavell

Nick Bibby

This House believes that bribery is sometimes acceptable


James Laurenson

This House would extend NATO membership to Georgia and Ukraine

This House would invade and forcibly reunify the Korean peninsula


Nick Bibby

This House believes that Britain should give up its EU rebate


Alex Helling

Alastair Endersby

This House Would Give Obama A Second Term


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